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Tom Hanks. He's one of America's best-loved actors, and he's been in over 50 movies in his career. Do you remember all of them? Some are easier than others. Take this quiz to find out!

In what movie did Tom Hanks play a guy who could run fast, play ping-pong, and fought in the Vietnam War?

"Forrest Gump" is a touching film about a man who doesn't have all the usual smarts but has an unusual way of succeeding in life and caring about people. At heart, he's a loyal Southern boy from Alabama who loves his mama and is always there for his girl, Jenny.


What movie features a volleyball with a name?

Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks, is stranded on a deserted island. He names a volleyball Wilson and does a rough paint job on it. But when the volleyball accidentally floats away, we get the sad cry of "Wilson!!!"


In what movie does the main character grow up into an adult overnight?

A teen named Josh wishes to be "big," encounters a fortune telling machine at a carnival, and magically wakes up the next morning as a full-grown adult. His mom is completely terrified when she sees what she thinks is a grown man and imposter in her house, and the "boy" has no clue how to function as an adult.


In what movie is Tom Hanks a pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River?

Sully Sullenberger landed a plane on the Hudson after a bird strike caused total engine failure. Everyone lived, but airline officials didn't let Sully off so easy since this was such an unusual event.


In what movie does Tom Hanks play someone forced to live in an airport?

"The Terminal" is a movie in which a man gets trapped living in an airport after his country erupts in civil unrest, and his passport is no longer valid for legal entry into the United States. While officials figure out the situation, he lives in the airport and makes​ friends with the people who work there.


What movie taught us that there's no crying in baseball?

When the first female professional baseball league tries to get its groove on, drama and tears came with the territory. Tom Hanks' character reminds them, "There's no crying in baseball!"


Which movie features two people who fall in love via electronic messages?

Two bookstore owners, one from a small bookstore, and one from a larger competing store, connect with each other online and begin to like each other. When they eventually meet, they discover they knew each other all along.


In which animated film does Tom Hanks voice numerous characters?

"The Polar Express" is based on a beloved children's book and features animated characters voiced by Tom Hanks. The audience is taken on a journey to the North Pole for this classic Christmas movie.


What movies features Tom Hanks as Walt Disney?

"Saving Mr. Banks" tells the story of Walt Disney obtaining the rights to make the movie version of "Mary Poppins" after 20 years. The author originally wanted to keep her story away from Hollywood.


Which war movie features a group of soldiers saving a character played by Matt Damon?

Matt Damon plays Private Ryan, and Tom Hanks' character, along with a group of other soldiers, go through dangerous situations to save him. Everyone makes a personal sacrifice during war.


Which movie shows a captain using strategy and intelligence to survive a pirate encounter?

Captain Phillips was a veteran captain, and it was thanks to his quick, on-the-job thinking that he saved the lives of his crew and himself. Even so, the pirates were able to get him off the ship and into a lifeboat. Things looked pretty grim for a while.


In what movie does Tom Hanks play a man named Sam Baldwin, who has a son named Jonah?

Sam Baldwin was a man whose wife died and his son called in to a radio program to find a new wife for his dad. When a woman on the other side of the country hears this, she ends up falling in love with Baldwin and wants to meet him.


For what beloved cowboy character does Tom Hanks provide the voice?

Woody the cowboy was Andy's favorite toy in "Toy Story," until the Buzz Lightyear toy was introduced. Woody then felt some competition. Actor Tim Allen voiced the character of Buzz Lightyear.


A 1990 movie featuring Tom Hanks was about Joe versus what?

"Joe Versus the Volcano" is about a guy named Joe who is apparently dying but is convinced he has to die in a better way. He ends up going on a crazy journey to jump into a volcano.


Which movie is about a space mission gone wrong?

"Apollo 13" was a failed lunar mission in which the oxygen tank exploded and the mission to the moon was called off. Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon starred in this movie.


In what movie does Tom Hanks star with Leonardo DiCaprio?

"Catch Me If You Can" is the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr., played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his illegal escapades as an airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer. Tom Hanks plays Carl Hanratty, the FBI agent chasing after him.


In what film does Tom Hanks star with Daniel Craig?

"Road to Perdition" is about a mob enforcer during the Great Depression who loses his wife and son to murder. After his eldest son, Michael, witnesses a hit, the enforcer and Michael flee on a great journey.


What movie shows a character named Andrew Beckett who is afflicted with HIV?

Andrew Beckett is a homosexual lawyer who is afflicted with HIV. After his condition is discovered, he is fired. He tries to sue and faces one of the toughest litigators, hired by his ex-employer.


In which film does Hanks play a Southern musician traveling with fellow criminals?

Professor G.H. Dorr hopes to rent Marva Munson's extra room and basement to practice with his classical music group, but they actually want to plot to rob a casino. Munson finds out about their plan, and she proves a formidable opponent.


In what movie does Tom Hanks play a young hotshot who is forced to care for his parents after they split up?

"Nothing In Common" describes the way David Basner's parents probably felt about each other and the way he felt about his parents when he was forced to care for them after their marriage ended. Along the way, Basner learns what's truly important in life.


Which movie features a couple who moves into a dilapidated house?

"The Money Pit" tells the story of a couple who purchases a house for a low price only to find that it's basically falling apart. As one thing after another breaks, their relationship starts to feel the effects.


Which movie features a captured U.S. pilot during the Cold War?

"Bridge of Spies" features Tom Hanks as a lawyer trying to negotiate the release of a U.S. pilot during the Cold War. He risks his life and reputation to negotiate a prisoner exchange.


Which movie featured a man accused of murder who seemed unlikely to do so?

Paul Edgecomb gets to know prisoner John Coffey and begins to question whether or not Coffey actually committed the murders for which he was accused. He also begins to think Coffey might have supernatural powers.


Which movie features Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in multiple roles?

From the past to the future, Tom Hanks and his fellow actors play characters throughout time. The audience is taken on a journey across five centuries.


Which movie features Tom Hanks as a groom on his last night out before his wedding?

"Bachelor Party" is the story of a nice guy who is taken out for a wild bachelor party the day before his wedding. Along the way, he runs into a soon-to-be family member and gets into a bit of trouble.


Which movie features a guy who faces unemployment and connects with a woman who has lost a passion for her job and marriage?

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star in "Larry Crowne," a tale of two disillusioned people not sure what to do with their current life situations. Along the way, they connect, find laughs and find comfort with each other.


Which movie features a murder and a mystery hidden in paintings?

"The Da Vinci Code" tells of a murder in a Paris museum and clues hidden in some of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings. There is a religious secret that threatens to shake everything upon which Christianity is built.


What movie features a boy saved from drowning by a mermaid?

In "Splash," a young boy is saved from drowning by a mermaid. Years later, she returns to find him, and he must decide between life on land or a life at sea with her.


In what movie does Hanks play an experienced stand-up comedian?

"Punchline" is the story of a mom who thinks she could be a stand-up comedian, and a professional comedian who thinks he can help her get better. He ends up being such a good teacher that she ends up being his main competition.


In which movie does Tom Hanks play a victim of the Sept. 11 attacks?

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" stars Tom Hanks playing a father who loses his life in the Sept. 11 attacks. His son thinks his father left him a message by way of a mysterious key that fits an unknown lock. Sandra Bullock stars as the boy's mother.


Which movie features college kids living the games they play?

"Mazes and Monsters" is the tale of some college kids who end up becoming part of the medieval fantasy game they like to play. This was one of Tom Hanks' first major leading roles.


Which movie features Tom Hanks as an injured U.S. pilot in Jerusalem?

"Every Time We Say Goodbye" is the story of an injured U.S. pilot in 1942 who falls for a girl he meets in Jerusalem. However, her family disapproves of their feelings for each other.


In which movie does Hanks play a Wall Street executive?

"The Bonfire of the Vanities" is the story of a rich, greedy couple who get in trouble when they run over a young, black boy with their car and fail to report the incident. From there, things go from bad to worse.


In which "Toy Story" movie is Tom Hanks' character, Woody, stolen by a toy collector?

"In Toy Story 2," Woody is stolen by a toy collector named Al and taken to join the rest of his Woody's Roundup gang. Initially, Woody wants to do nothing but get back home, but once he meets the new toys, he begins to entertain thoughts of staying.


Which movie features Hanks as a businessman trying to close a deal in Saudi Arabia?

"A Hologram for the King" is the story of an American businessman trying to close a deal in Saudi Arabia with the help of a doctor and a taxi driver. The businessman hopes to recoup his losses by selling his products to the wealthy ruler.


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