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There are iconic scenes in every romantic comedy film. There is always that point where we think the lovebirds won't get together, and then there’s the car ride to the airport, the dash to break up the wedding, or the boom box that plays the perfect song that changes the heroine’s heart. Although those scenes are always memorable, there are some quotes that will stay with us long after the movie has left the theaters. Ready to remember them all? Then take the quiz now before we give some of the answers away. 

So, what movie do you think of when you hear, “I’ll have what she’s having?” or "Is that... is that hair gel?" If you’re smirking right now, then you’ll love this quiz. It illustrates everything, funny, sad, sentimental and infuriating about love and about finding your soulmate. What were some of your favorite movies? "Pretty Woman," "Groundhog Day," "Knocked Up," or anything with Meg Ryan in it? Well, now is the time to remember them all, and the best lines that came out of each film. Take the quiz by clicking the button below. And then grab a box of tissues and enjoy the show.

"I'll have what she's having."

When Sally fakes a risque act while dining at Katz' Deli, an older female customer requests that she get the same meal as Sally. The female customer was played by Rob Reiner's mother.


“You and I are such similar creatures, Vivian. We both screw people for money.”

The emotionally damaged Edward compares his profession to Vivian's profession. Richard Gere played the role of Edward Lewis. The two have chemistry and have been paired in other romantic comedies such as "Runaway Bride."


"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Although the swashbuckling Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) wasn't involved in a romance in "The Princess Bride," he brought a serious yet comedic performance to the screen. The only injury Patinkin had during the movie was a bruised rib due to trying not to laugh when filming with Billy Crystal.


Jake: "Honey, just cuz I talk slow doesn't mean I'm stupid."

Jake (Josh Lucas), is Melanie's (Reese Witherspoon's) redneck husband she married in high school, who refuses to divorce her. His Southern drawl is very sexy. Charlize Theron was initially cast as Melanie Carmichael.


"Is that... is that hair gel?"

Because she was mistaken about exactly what the "hair gel" was, Mary's bangs were standing on end for the rest of the date. Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz were dating in real life during filming.


"Oh, sorry. I’m a bit chesty to begin with, and, I happened to be knocked up when I wore this."

Betty White played the Grandmother to Ryan Reynolds in "The Proposal." She is talking about the fit of her wedding dress with the bride, Margaret. Betty White was 87 years old during the filming of the movie.


"Doc, uh, my brother's crazy; he thinks he's a chicken." And, uh, the doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" The guy says, "I would, but I need the eggs."

Alvy (Woody Allen) laments about the craziness of being in a relationship ... "and yet somehow you need the eggs, so you stay in it." At another point in the movie, Alvy sneezed into the cocaine accidental​ly. When previewed, the audience laughed so loud that director Allen decided to leave it in.


"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms."

Tom Hanks can make any line sound heartfelt and irresistibly sweet. This sweetheart of a comedy is just one of the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan star vehicles. The other film was "Sleepless in Seattle."


"Oh, no, we're not asking you to lose weight. That would be illegal. We just want you to be healthy, by eating less. So go home, weigh yourself on a scale, write that down. Then subtract 20 from that number. And weigh that. Yeah."

This line was hilariously uttered by Kristen Wig (Jill) when she tries to get on-camera personality Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) to lose weight without directly telling her to lose weight. This film was Seth Rogen's first leading role.


"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going OK, another falls spectacularly to pieces."

If it sounds like the quote is from a page in a diary, it is. Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) played the lovable, awkward and hilarious single woman who works in publicity at a book publishing company and fantasizes about her boss. Zellweger gained 30 pounds to play this iconic role, twice!


Albert (dancing) "Do the Q-tip! Q-tip! Now throw it away! Now, ​what am I doing? I'm makin' a pizza!"

This comes from the best dance scene ever! And Kevin James made up all of the dance moves for the scene. Will Smith suggested Kevin James for the role of Albert because Smith was a fan of "The King of Queens."


Anna Scott: "And don't forget... I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her."

Famous American actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) says this to William Thacker (Hugh Grant) a London bookstore owner who falls in love with her. Hugh Grant, when kissing Julia Roberts, was said to have noted, she had "such a large mouth" and "was aware of a faint echo as I was kissing her."


"As you wish."

Westley, the farm boy would say this to Butter Cup in "The Princess Bride." At the end of the movie, the grandfather reads that "As you wish" really meant "I love you."


"This is where Dionne lives. She's my friend because we both know what it's like for people to be jealous of us."

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) says this line about her best friend in this valley-girl-with-a-moral movie. To get the dialogue to be similar to real life, the film's writers sat in Beverly Hills High school classes.


Margaret Tate: "What am I allergic to?" Andrew Paxton: "Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion."

In "The Proposal," Margaret (Sandra Bullock) makes Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) memorize her likes and dislikes to fool the INS into believing they have been dating for awhile. In the movie, Margaret is from Canada, however, In real life, Reynolds is from Canada and Bullock is from the U.S.


"I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich."

Jane (Katherine Heigl) is upset when she learns that Kevin (James Mardsen) who is cynical about love, writes glowing descriptions for her favorite newspaper column, the Vows section. Although Katherine Heigl is actually a few months younger than Malin Akerman, Malin plays her much younger sister.


Earl Smooter: "You can't ride two horses with one ass, sugarbean."

Fred Ward, played by Earl Smooter, is Melaine's Father. He dishes out some Southern advice that is pure gold. Fred Ward won a Golden Globe for the Ensemble Cast in the movie, "Shortcuts."


"I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Harry says this to Sally when he realizes how much he really loves Sally. Albert Brooks turned down the role of Harry Burns.


"We have a bleeder."

A paramedic says this when Ted's (Ben Stiller) prom date with Mary (Cameron Diaz) goes terribly wrong due to Ted's embarrassing injury involving a zipper. Jon Stuart also auditioned for the role of Ted.


[Dragging Matt to the dance floor] Jenna: "Oh for the love of Pete! You taught it to me!"

The iconic dance scene to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" made this movie so memorable. Mark Ruffalo's (Matty) first scene was the Michael Jackson: Thriller sequence he was terrified of doing. He recalls that Jennifer Garner's enthusiasm was "very infectious."


"I'm going to help you rediscover your manhood. Do you have any idea where you could have lost it?"

Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) tries to help Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) get his groove back when his wife asks for a divorce. Ryan Gosling did a lot of weightlifting to try and put on muscle for the movie, and we appreciate him for doing that.


Waxing Lady: "We gonna need more wax! [pause] And cancel all my afternoon appointments!

This iconic scene made most men cringe. Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) get's his hairy chest waxed. This scene used five cameras because it was only going to be shot once. Steve Carell's chest hair was actually ripped out.


Mary: "Y'know, 'those who can't do, teach?' Well, those who can't wed, plan."

Mary (Jennifer Lopez) says this to handsome pediatrician, Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey). She is planning his wedding. Minnie Driver was offered the role of Mary, but turned it down.


"I just want you to know, my safe word is 'pineapple.'"

When Amy goes home with a young co-worker (Ezra Miller), he tells her his safe word is "pineapple," then runs to his mother when Amy hits him too hard. This was Amy Schumer's first time writing a film.


"It's so clean out here." "That's because they don't throw their garbage away, they turn it into television shows."

Annie and Alvy are walking along the streets of California when this hilarious line is said. It's Woody Allen at his satirical best. Annie's outfits which were so unique, became a brief fashion trend, but were Diane Keaton's own clothes.


"Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away."

Hitch, a professional dating coach is so smooth, and this line proves it, until he falls in love and gets completely tongue-tied. He falls in love with Sara Melas played by Eva Mendes. Mendes was featured in Will Smith's, "Miami" video.


"Isn't it weird, though, when you have a kid and all your dreams and hopes just go right out the window?"

In this movie, when Allison (Katherine Heigl) is seeing if Ben (Seth Rogen) is father material, Pete (Paul Rudd) is used as a counterpoint as to why one might not want to be father material. Much of the dialogue was improvised by the actors or fed to them in the moment by Judd Apatow (writer/director/producer) right before a take.


Helen: [Crying] "Why are you smiling?" Annie: "It's just... it's the first time I've ever seen you look ugly... and that makes me kind of happy."

Annie (Kristen Wig) has been outclassed and outshined by the new friend of her lifelong best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph). She is pleased this perfect best friend, Helen (Rose Byrne), doesn't always look gorgeous. Rose Byrne is known for being a dramatic actress, however, she impressed the cast and crew with her improvisational chops.


"Thank you, Daniel, that is very good to know. But if staying here means working within 10 yards of you, frankly, I'd rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein's arse."

Bridget is telling off her old boss (Hugh Grant) who she used to fantasize about. Prior to filming, Zellweger lived in the UK for three months to practice her British accent.


Lucy: "OK, you can wipe the doe-eyed-Bambi-watching-her-mother-get-shot-and-strapped-to-the-back-of-a-van look from your face."

Tough-as-nails Lucy (Judy Greer) is Jenna's (Jennifer Garner's) co-editor and best friend. She tries to get Jenna to snap out of it and act like the ruthless person she normally is. Judy Greer's reputation for being funny was so renown, that If the cast wasn't sure if a situation or line was funny enough, they would ask her.


Melanie Carmichael: "You're the first boy I ever kissed, Jake, and I want you to be the last."

Melanie (Reese Witherspoon), is a New York fashion designer who is engaged to the city's most eligible bachelor. Then she comes home and realizes she still loves Jake (Josh Lucas), who she married in high school and who refuses to divorce her. Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas were both in "American Psycho."


Andy: "Is this shirt too yellow?" Cal: "No."[pause] "Tell me, what's Curious George like in real life?"

Getting dressed to go out, Andy asks Cal that question. Do you recall the final dance scene? Jonah Hill got heatstroke while filming it.


"Do you prefer 'fashion victim' or 'ensembly challenged'"?

This is said when Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is giving a makeover to klutzy new student Tai (Brittany Murphy). Now this is a fashion statement: There were 53 different kinds of tartan/plaid used in the costuming of the movie.


"Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind."

Perennial bridesmaid Jane (Katherine Heigl) is speaking with Kevin who is sharing his cynical views about marriage. The wardrobe department had a hard time designing bridesmaids dresses that would look bad on Heigl.


"It's as if I've taken love heroin, and now I can't ever have it again."

William (Hugh Grant) says this to Anna (Julia Roberts) in response to Anna leaving to go back to the states. The shots of Julia Roberts that were used in the movie to establish her celebrity status in the U.S. came from a real TV show, "Entertainment Tonight."


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