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Baseball is known as a game of statistics. From batting average, and on-base percentage to home runs, steals, triples, and walks. But, this quiz is about the position notoriously known for its dominant statistics and the teams defined by these players - the pitcher.

These pitchers played decades to accumulate monstrous numbers and fame. Their names defined their team and decades - even over a century later - some of these players are more popular than modern pitchers. But, how well do you know pitchers and their teams? Do you think you can figure it out from a name and some stats? It might be harder than you think. While some players span their decades-long career with one team, other pitchers moved across several teams leaving their mark with each. 

Warren Spahn debuted in 1942 and racked up 356 wins for Atlanta. But, do you know which city the team originated? Hooks Daus has 223 wins, the most for this popular team, despite playing with big hurlers such as Jack Morris and Mickey Lolich. Which team did he play for? From ERA, games played, most innings pitched and more these are the pitchers you grew up idolizing. So, which stats do you remember the most? Step up on the mound and start your wind-up. This quiz will bring you back in time!

Dave Stieb led this team as its winningest pitcher with 175 victories. Which team can claim this stat?

Dave Stieb spent most of his career with the Jays from 1979-1992, 1998 and only 1 year (1993) with the Chicago White Sox. He was the first Toronto pitcher to start in an All-Star Game.


Southpaw Warren Spahn made his debut in 1942 with the Braves organization and became its winningest pitcher (356). In what city did this team originate?

Spahn's career spanned 1942-1965 with interruption only for his service in WWII where he earned a Purple Heart. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1972.


Pitcher Hooks Daus leads the win count (223) for this team amidst the company of other pitching leaders, such as Jack Morris and Mickey Lolich. For which team did he play?

Daus spent his entire 15-year career with the Tigers. He pitched 3,389 innings for Detroit.


This franchise began as the Washington Senators from 1901-1960. It hails pitcher Walter Johnson who holds many records for this team. Who is it?

Walter Johnson leads the club with the most wins (417), and also garners Best ERA (2. 17), most innings pitched (5,914), and most games played (802) among others.


Wilbur Cooper takes the most wins for this ball club with 202. Other alumni include Bob Friend and Vern Law. For which team did he earn this honor?

Cooper's career with Pittsburgh spanned from 1912-1924. He finished his career with the Detroit Tigers in 1926.


Eppa Rixey maintains the most wins for this team with 179. For what team did this left-handed 6 foot, 5 inch pitcher play when he earned these wins?

Rixey's entire career earned him 266 total wins. However, he also holds the record for most losses for a left hander in MLB with 251.


Jim Palmer's Jockey underwear ads in the 1970s drew almost as much attention as his record wins (268) pitching for this team. Name the team.

Jim Palmer was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990. He went on to a successful career in sports broadcasting.


This team was first known as the "Brown Stockings." Bob Gibson leads the team with the most wins (251). Can you name the team?

Gibson played all 17 years of his MLB career with the Cardinals from 1959-1975. In 1981, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


This team debuted in 1993 and boasts most wins at 81 by pitcher Ricky Nolasco. Can you name it?

Nolasco is still actively playing for the Los Angeles Angels. He was a rookie in 2006 when he started out with the Marlins.


Hall of Famer Tom Seaver played for four different teams during his career. He has the most wins at 198 with which team?

Seaver participated in 12 All-Star games and had the most wins in the National League in 1969, 1975, and 1981.


Felix Hernandez beats out even Randy Johnson on this team for most wins at 160. For which team did he play?

Hernandez has played with the Mariners since 2005 when he was just 19 years old. He had an ERA of 2.67 his rookie year.


Former team players include Brett Saberhagen and George Brett. Atop the pitcher wins column is Paul Splittorff at 166. What team is this?

Splittorff spent all 15 years of his career with the Royals from 1970-1984. He capped a career high of 20 wins in a season in 1973.


Whitey Ford holds records for most innings pitched and most wins (236) for this team. Other notable winning pitchers include Mel Stottlemyre, Lefty Gomez, and Ron Guidry. Name the team.

Whitey Ford debuted in MLB in 1950 but spent the next two years in the military before returning to the Yankees in 1953.


Mark Show earned the most wins for this team with 100. This team has had five playoff appearances and has won two pennants. What team is it?

Show was drafted late in the 1974 amateur draft but did not sign. He was picked up in the 1978 draft by the San Diego Padres.


Bob Feller, who ended his career in 1956 with this team, is on top of its winning list with 266. Other team names include the Naps and the Broncos.

Feller was a member of the 1948 World Series Championship Indians team who beat the Boston Braves. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.


Jorge De La Rosa's 86 wins with this team stand as its current record. This team has fewer than 25 years in MLB. Can you name it?

De La Rosa was born in Mexico and debuted in MLB at age 23. He is a free agent as of 2018.


This team sprung from the Montreal Expos in 2005. Steve Rogers holds the most wins with 158 and is in the company of Dennis Martinez and Steven Strasburg. Name the team.

Steve Rogers also holds the team's record for most wild pitches at 87 and most batters faced at 11,702.


1994 Hall of Famer Steve Carlton spent the majority of his career with this team from 1972-1985 (team high wins with 241) and then returned in 1986 for one year. Can you name the team?

Carlton is ranked among the best pitchers in MLB. He had six 20 win seasons and 4,136 strikeouts.


This team's winningest pitcher, Christy Mathewson (372), goes back to a career in the first 17 years of the 20th century. Who did he play for?

Mathewson played for the Giants when they were based in New York. It was not until 1958 that they moved to San Francisco.


Among its winningest pitchers are Fergie Jenkins, Bill Hutchinson, and all-time high (201) Charlie Root. This team also played under the names of the Orphans and the White Stockings. Name it.

Charlie Root started out in 1923 with the St. Louis Browns but went on to play the next 16 years of his career with Chicago. His nickname was Chinski.


Randy Johnson has the third most wins for Seattle (130), but tops what other team with most wins at 118?

The Diamondbacks most winning manager, Kirk Gibson (.485), was also a dramatic player who hit two key home runs in World Series action with the Detroit Tigers and the LA Dodgers.


Eddie Plank earned this team's winningest pitcher honors (284) from 1901-1914 while playing in Philadelphia . Who and where is this team now?

Eddie Plank's Hall of Fame plaque cites him as "one of the greatest left handed pitchers." He worked as a battlefield tour guide in Gettysburg in his retirement in Pennsylvania.


James Shields holds the pitching record for this team with 87 wins. This team entered the MLB in 1998.

Shields began his career with the team when they were called the "Devil Rays." He has mainly worn the number 33.


Sandy Koufax ranks only fifth on the winning list for this franchise topped by Don Sutton (233). Other names held by the team: the Grays, the Bridegrooms, and the Atlantics. What team is it?

Sutton spent 23 years in the majors with 15 consecutive ones (1966-1980) and then returned for his final year in 1988. Ten years later, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame (1998).


Both Roger Clemens and Cy Young hold the win record for this team at 192.

Clemens spent the first half of his career (12 years) setting records in Boston. Cy Young spent the middle part of his career (1901-1908) in Boston.


With 21 years under his belt with one team, Ted Lyons gained 260 wins. Who did he play for?

Lyons was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1955 joining previous White Sox players Eddie Collins and Ed Walsh.


Joe Niekro tops this team win column for pitching at 144. He played for this club from 1975-1983. Can you name the team?

Baseball runs in this pitcher's blood. His older brother, Phil, is a Hall of Famer, and son, Lance, is a former major leaguer.


This team was once the Washington Senators. Charlie Hough is their winningest pitcher with 139. Name the team.

Hough had a 25-year career in the majors; eleven years were spent with the Astros.


This team's top winning pitcher is Jim Slaton at 117. Slaton played with this team after they were the Pilots. Which team is it?

Slaton maintains several other pitching records for the Brewers, including Most shutouts (19) and most losses (121).


Even though Nolan Ryan played for this club, it is Chuck Finley who holds the most wins. This team was originally named for the state and then adopted the name of one of its cities. What team is it?

Finley was a five-time All-Star who played for several teams, including the Angels, the Indians, and the Cardinals in a career that spanned from 1986-2002. He faced more than 11,000 batters in his run with the Angels.


Pud Galvin ranks in the top five of all-time winningest pitchers. What team did he begin his career with in 1875?

Galvin was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1965. He began and ended his career in St. Louis which is the city where he was born.


National League pitcher Clayton Kershaw led the league with the most wins (18) in 2017. Which team did he play for?

Kershaw has played his entire MLB career with the LA Dodgers (2008-current). There were nine pitchers in the league with 15 or more wins.


The 2017 pitching wins leader in the American League was actually three pitchers. Two of them played for which team?

Jason Vargas (KC), Corey Kluber (CLE) and Carlos Carrasco (CLE) each earned 18 wins for the season. Eight pitchers had 15 wins or more in the American League.


Greg Maddux won the Cy Young award four consecutive seasons with two National League teams. One was the Atlanta Braves. What was the other team?

Maddux earned the award with the Cubs in 1992; 1993-1995 he was with the Braves.


In the past five years, Max Scherzer has won three Cy Young awards with one National League team and one American League team. The Nationals is the NL team. What is the AL team?

Scherzer has an average of 16 wins per season over a decade-long career. He won Cy Young awards in 2013, 2016, and 2017.


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