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Kids remember the slogans attached to their favorite cereals, and that isn't an accident. Marketers spend millions coming up with just the right words to use on their packaging. Can you guess the cereals that go with these slogans?

Me want ________!

Honecomb's slogan wasn't complicated, and that's what made it effective!


Silly rabbit! ____ are for kids!

You got it! Trix put their product name right in the slogan!


They're grrrrrreat!

Frosted Flakes are a very normal, in that they are corn flakes with sugar added, but it is an odd cereal because it is advertised by a tiger, which makes no sense at all.


Home baked taste in your cereal bowl.

Banana Nut Crunch was an acquired taste.


The Breakfast of Champions

Perhaps the greatest breakfast cereal of all time, Wheaties cereal was tasty and good for you, and it kept up its wholesome image by embracing admirable people who embraced a healthy lifestyle.


Snap, crackle, pop!

Rice Krispies was the cereal that started the breakfast fascination with crisped rice. Bland on its own, this cereal was entertaining in its own way, as the addition of milk would produce noise, and who doesn't like to eat something that's making sounds?


They're A-B-C-Delicious!

Alpha-Bits was the creation of an Italian pasta lover who worked at Post's parent company, General Foods. This genius combined cool pasta shapes with cereal, creating this classic.


The apple sweet crunch that's sweet to munch.

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios had a slogan that was accurate, if not memorable.


Kanodle, Kazoo and how do you do? I'm Cookie Jarvis with good news for you!

Perhaps one of the most requested and least healthy children's cereals, Cookie Crisp was delicious.


I vant to eat your cereal!

It's hard to imagine what inspired the creation of Count Chocula Cereal, but this stroke of genius created one of the longest lived (unsurprisingly, given that vampires are immortal) and best tasting cereals of all time.


Can't get enough of that...

Golden Crisp never attained the kind of popularity other cereals did, but it had a loyal following.


Introducing the Reese's you can eat with a spoon.

Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs were a sweet, savory cereal and likely culprit of many a childhood cavity.


I'm coocoo for ____ _____!

Most likely from the same team that gave us the Trix slogan, this winner.


Looking for the place for taste? Chex marks the spot!

Chex was an oddly shaped cereal that could be both in the milk and around the milk.


Wholesome sweetened rice cereal with real cocoa!

Cocoa Pebbles' slogan wasn't very imaginative, but it was accurate.


Taste the joy in every spoonful.

Honey Bunches of Oats went through many slogans over the years, but this is the current one.


Chocolaty grahams and marshmallows galore... it's S'more fun for breakfast.

Perhaps one of the most unhealthy cereals of all time, S'mores Crunch was almost 100 percent sugar.


Nothing is better for thee, than me.

Quaker Oats, which can be customized to taste by adding honey or maple syrup, is an oldie but a goodie.


Cereal with imitation berries called crunch berries.

Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries was part of the movement to make cereal look healthy, because parents were concerned about how many children's cereals were terrible for children's health.


It's got corn for crunch, oats for punch, and it stays crunchy, even in milk.

The original slogan for Cap'n Crunch was pretty on the nose.


Part of a nutritious breakfast!

Fruity Pebbles has been around a long time, riding the coat tails of the animated TV show, The Flintstones. Some say Cocoa Pebbles is better, while others are firmly in the Fruity Pebbles camp.


You'll think you're eating Rice Krispies Treats... What a thought!

Rice Krispies Treats Cereal was a cereal made from candy made from cereal, which made it far less healthy than Rice Crispies, but it also made it the perfect midnight snack.


These sweet little crispy rice puffs are the perfect combination of flavor AND goodness!

This cereal, which often comes in large bags, is rice, sugar, and cocoa.


Like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy.

Cocoa Krispies were one of the tastiest of children's cereals, one so good even adults periodically steal a bowl for themselves.


The delicious high protein cereal.

Life cereal has been around a long time, and Cinnamon Life was considered a major innovation at the time of its creation.


Oh's are loaded full of honey graham.

"Oh's" is a peculiar name for a cereal. Do they belong to Oh? One thing they don't belong to is General Mills, who makes Cheerios.


Life has the most useful protein - ever in a ready-to-eat cereal!

Life Cereal is another long-lived cereal that isn't totally unhealthy, despite being a kids' cereal.


Kid tested, mother approved.

Kix cereal is a simple flavor with a simple slogan.


Follow my nose!

Perhaps Froot Loops' name existed because it has no real fruit in it, or perhaps it was chosen after a careful study of the common spelling mistakes of children. Either way, it's a classic kids' cereal.


Have a Golden Day.

Golden Grahams were a perfect kids' cereal because they tasted of graham crackers and honey, which are two of the things kids love the most. Why they did not also have the obvious ingredients of chocolate and marshmallow however, is a mystery.


Dig 'em!

After a series of mascots, including the racially insensitive choice of an "Indian Chief," Kelloggs chose the Dig 'em Frog as the new mascot, giving the cereal what was no doubt dubbed "an urban appeal" by one of their marketers.


Crispy Glazed Crunchy Sweet!

Corn Pops wasn't an exciting sounding cereal when you were a kid, but it was tasty, and that was all that mattered.


They're magically delicious!

When General Mills settled on the leprechaun as the mascot for Lucky Charms, which is basically just marshmallows and milk, they went heavy on the Irish, light on anything else, making some people a bit offended by the mascot. Hopefully the taste won them over.


Cinnamon, toasty Apple Jacks

Apple Jacks was a surprisingly addictive cereal featuring the trifecta of savory, sweet, and the thin veneer of health supported by the word "apple."


Sweetened Corn Wheat and Oat Cereal!

This failed cereal from the 1990s didn't have a great slogan, nor was it very successful.


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