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After we take our permit test and get our driver's license, we often take it for granted. If you had to take a test right now to keep your driver's license, would you pass? Test your knowledge now!

Which of the following influence the effects of alcohol on the body?

When drinking alcohol, spacing out the drinks will help decrease how much you're affected. A smaller person will feel the effects of alcohol more quickly than a larger person, and eating before drinking will help decrease the effects of the drink.


On rainy, snowy, or foggy days when it begins to get dark, and when driving away from a rising or setting sun, it is a good time to?

In all conditions where it might be potentially difficult to see, whether due to the weather or time of day, it i best to turn on the headlights.


A solid white line indicates what part of the traffic lane on a road?

When driving, dashed white lines separate traffic going in the same direction, while single white lines are placed along the right side of the road.


Which of the following is true about littering while driving?

Not only is throwing trash in the middle of the road against the law and a way to cause an accident, you can receive fines and jail time all because you couldn't wait to throw out your McDonald's wrapper.


If more than one vehicle arrives at the same time at a four way stop, which vehicle goes first?

While we might be tempted to be the first to go, according to law, when two cars reach an intersection at the same time, the vehicle on the right has the right of way.


You may cross a solid yellow line to do which of the following?

There are very few exceptions to crossing a solid yellow line, but it is permitted for entry into a driveway.


What is the correct action to take when at a railroad crossing that does not have signals?

When approaching a railroad crossing with no signals or signs, it is best to proceed slowly should any of the signals indicate an incoming train.


How can you see if there is a vehicle in your blind spot?

When checking for your blind spot, leaning back and forth while looking in the mirrors will not help you see the area. Instead, the proper way to proceed is by quickly looking over the shoulder to check the area.


Night driving is more dangerous because?

When driving at nighttime, the visibility of the signs don't change, but rather than being able to see hundreds of feet in front of us in the daylight, the nighttime greatly decreases the visibility.


What does a flashing yellow light mean?

When coming across a flashing yellow light while driving, the sign indicates to proceed through the intersection with caution.


Yellow diamond signs with black letters or symbols are what kind of signs?

You'll find yellow diamond signs will give you warnings for speed bumps, winding roads, and upcoming stop signs.


One of the most important things to remember about driving at night or in fog is to?

Although watching for cars and being ready to break are good defensive driving tips, using your high beams, especially with other cars on the road is not proper driving technique.


If you plan to pull into a driveway just after an intersection. When should you signal?

To avoid confusing any surrounding drivers, attempting a turn into a driveway after an intersection should include indicating for the turn immediately after crossing the intersection.


When making a left turn from a two-way street to a one-way street in which lane should your vehicle be in when the turn is completed?

In order to avoid collision with an opposite vehicle turning right at the same time, turning left into a one way street should land you in the left lane.


What should you do at an intersection with a flashing red light?

While a yellow flashing light indicates to slow down and proceed with caution, a flashing red light is an indicator for a complete stop before proceeding when safe to do so.


When driving in heavy fog during the daytime you should drive with your?

When driving in fog during the day time, the best way to proceed is with low beam headlights.


When more than one vehicle is stopped at an intersection, which vehicle has the right-of-way?

When more than one car arrives at an intersection, the right of way immediately goes to the vehicle that reached the intersection first.


When is it ok to drive faster than the posted speed limit?

Although we might be tempted to speed, especially when going with the flow of traffic, going above the speed limit in any form is against the law.


Which of the following practices is not only dangerous but illegal to do while driving?

While all of these tasks are dangerous while driving, it is illegal to have both ears covered while driving. This could prevent you from hearing any horns or emergency vehicles approaching.


If a tire blows out you should?

When a tire blows out, any quick changes to the tires can cause the car to further leave your control. The best procedure is to hold tightly to the wheel and slowly remove pressure from the gas pedal until the car stops on its own.


When parking on a downgrade with a curb, which way should you turn your wheels if any?

When parking downhill, you want to turn your wheel towards the curb. In an incident where the car would start moving, the car would head towards the curb rather than moving traffic.


What should you do if you are in an intersection and you hear a siren?

When coming across the intersection, it is best to proceed through the intersection to clear the road before pulling over and allowing the emergency vehicle to pass you.


If you are driving faster than other traffic on a freeway, which lane should you use?

When driving on the freeway, if one is driving faster than the traffic on the freeway, the left lane, often called the express lane, is the lane to use.


If you see a stopped vehicle on the side of the road what should you do?

When passing a stopped car alongsiide the road, drivers are not obligated to act in any way but are warned to proceed with caution when passing.


If you have a green light, but traffic is backed up into the intersection, what should you do?

When proceeding through an intersection that is backed up, it is best to wait for traffic to clear before proceeding. Entering the intersection can not only cause an accident but can halt traffic in the opposite direction.


What is the minimum safe following distance under most conditions?

In regular conditions, the average recommended following distance is 4 seconds, which can also be converted to the distance of 4 cars in between you and the vehicle in front.


If you are on a highway entrance and have to wait for a gap in traffic before you can enter the roadway, what should you do?

On an entrance ramp, protocol says you slow down to wait for a break in traffic before accelerating to adjust to the speed of flowing traffic.


What does an orange sign mean?

Any time coming across an orange sign, this is an indication that there is construction ahead such as detours, closed roads, or merging lanes.


What do white painted curbs mean?

White painted curbs are an indicator for passenger or mail loading zones. If you are picking up or dropping off passengers or dropping off mail at an adjacent mail box, white curbs are for this purpose.


How many drinks does it take to affect your driving?

While most love to believe that they can have a few drinks of alcohol before it affects their abilities, one drink of alcohol will immediately change driving abilities and conditions.


A Pentagon shaped sign means which of the following?

A pentagon sign in yellow will feature two people on the sign which indicates a school zone.


In which situation is it acceptable to back up on the highway?

While we might be tempted to reverse when we miss our exits, not only is reversing on the highway dangerous, but it's clearly illegal.


When experiencing glare from a vehicles headlights at night you should?

Sometimes headlights can cause a glare, especially during late night driving. The best way to proceed is looking at the right edge of your lane, which will still allow you to keep your focus on the car ahead of you.


Keep your eyes on the road, quickly shift to neutral, pull off the road when safe to do so, and turn off the engine are the procedures for which of the following?

If your gas pedal is jammed or stuck and won't move, the best way to proceed is by shifting the car into neutral and safely moving to the side of the road before turning off the engine and contacting authorities.


What does the hand signal mean when you stick your arm straight out the window?

When your turn signals aren't working, extending your arm out the window in a straight line to the left is an indication of a left turn.


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