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What do you know about a zorse, a caiman, or a banded palm civet? Test your knowledge with this quiz and find out if you could run the zoo or if you should just visit one.

What long-snout animal is also known as an earth pig?

An aardvark has an almost hairless, pig-like body.


What is the smallest penguin in the world?

The Adelie Penguin and the much larger Emperor Penguin are the only types of penguin found on the Antarctic mainland.


The ________ loves to dig a large network of tunnels.

Gophers dig gopher towns, which consists of many tunnels and subterranean chambers.


The __________ is a large species of pig that sports two sets of tusks on its face.

The warthogs' tusks are used for fighting off predators, digging for insects and grub, plus battling other male warthogs.


What is considered the oldest domesticated cat in the world?

It is thought that the Ancient Egyptians domesticated the big-eared cat as they were traded on the banks of the Nile.


A __________ shark hangs out in groups but hunts alone.

Nurse sharks are nocturnal and usually stay in groups during the day. When the sun goes down, it's each nurse shark for itself as they hunt solo.


________ are insects best known for their insane ability to jump incredible heights and distances.

There are at least 11,000 varieties of the grasshopper all over the world in woodlands, forests, meadows, and fields.


What amphibian has a long tail, a slender body, four legs and is related to the newt?

A salamander has moist skin, which means they inhabit watery regions and wetlands.


The __________ is a medium-sized carnivore that can only be found in Madagascar.

The fossa is the largest carnivore in Madagascar. It has no natural predators, but the occasional crocodile or human.


Folklore says this domesticated cat is half-cat and half-racoon.

The state of Maine has folklore on a Maine Coon. In reality, the cat is more closely related to the American Bobcat than a domesticated cat.


What is the endangered whale that is the largest whale in the world?

The Blue Whale can grow up to 100 ft long, weighing up to 352,000 lbs.


A ___________ is a species of lizard that keeps its fat storage in its tail.

The Gila Monster stores extra fat in its tail to use in times when food is scarce.


What endangered bear rarely reaches adulthood?

The Grizzly Bear is found in the western U.S. and has no known predators except for humans, and because of our extensive hunting have given the bear only a 10% chance of becoming an adult.


A __________ spends its time in trees and loves to eat and sleep.

A sloth is a tree-dwelling animal who loves to eat plants, insects, and an occasional bird or reptile.


The ___________ snake is recognized by the unique rattle at the end if its tail.

A rattlesnake is a snake that belongs to the viper pit group and has a poisonous bite that attacks then destroys tissue.


The __________ Penguin is the largest penguin on Earth.

The Emperor Penguin has flightless wings that help them "fly" through the water instead of the air.


What is the name of the shrew that is also called a jumping shrew?

The reason an Elephant Shrew is also known as a Jumping Shrew is because it has long back legs and can hop like a rabbit.


As a member of the "big cat" family, a __________ has dark ring-like spots on its body.

The leopard has a long, slender body with a long tail that helps it keep its balance while its in trees.


___________ run in groups of ten to thirty and work together like a wolf pack.

Jackals hunt small animals, reptiles, and birds. As a group jackals protect one another.


An _________ is a very social bird.

An Ibis is a social bird who hangs around in a large flock for feeding and to find a mate.


What animal has a coat of long spikes to ward off predators?

The porcupine's sharp spikes or quills are each almost 3 inches long and can be detached with ease.


What little household pet can run as fast forwards as it can backward?

The size and shape of the hamster's back feet allow it to run as fast backward as forward.


The ________ elephant is the smallest elephant in the world.

The Borneo Elephant is a sub-species of the Asian Elephant and found only on the Island of Borneo.


This type of frog is the rarest frog in the United Kingdom.

Most of the pool frog's habitat has been destroyed to make way for new housing developments.


What bunny is found in the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Hare has thick white fur for hiding from predators and warmth, which allows it to live in the Arctic Circle.


The ___________ is a type of "big cat" that lives in groups called Prides.

A lion's pride is made up of five to fifteen related females, their children, and a few adult males.


What is the largest species of parrot on Earth?

The macaw has a lifespan of fifty to sixty years and can reach thirty-nine inches in height.


Who is the fastest cat on the planet?

With non-retractable claws that grip the earth, the cheetah can reach top speeds of 70 mph.


Humans use this bird's waste in face cream.

The uguisu's droppings are called guano and it is said to make the skin more radiant and soft.


The ____________ is the largest predator on the Australian continent.

The dingo, along with the domesticated dogs, are considered apex predators and have an impact on a variety of Australia's ecosystems.


The baboon is a species of the ____________ Monkey.

The five different species of baboon are found in different habitats throughout Africa and parts of Arabia.


What flightless bird can run through the jungle at 30 mph?

The cassowary is closely related to emus and ostriches.


A __________ likes to live on empty landscapes and many prefer the mountains and rocky terrains.

The goat is closely related to the sheep.


The _______ is a scavenger mammal.

The hyena is famous for its witches-cackling-laugh-like scream.


One of the only mammals that lays eggs is a _________.

The platypus is a hodgepodge of other animal characteristics such as feet like an otter, bill like a duck, and a tail like a beaver.


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