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If you love your machinery big and strong, you have certainly come to the right place.

Construction sites in today's day and age are filled with machinery that our forefathers could only dream of. In years gone by, none of these heavy machines existed and any construction was a case of blood, sweat and tears. Let's not forget time, lots of it.

Today, not only a range of heavy-duty machinery but various modern tools make construction far simpler and certainly save construction companies time. And as they say, time is money. 

The sheer number of machines available on a construction site is simply staggering. Of course, we know the regulars like a digger, a bulldozer and maybe even a crane. These all operate on site while large dump trucks move between the site and dumping areas, taking away unneeded soil, sand or gravel. 

Those are the easy ones to recognize. But have you ever seen a crawler loader? What about a feller buncher? Or a quad trencher? Yes, these all exist and play a crucial part in construction sites around the world.

So the question is, if we tell you what the vehicle is, would you be able to guess what job it does on the site?

Let's see, shall we?

What is the task of a bulldozer on a construction site?

An essential part of any construction site, the bulldozer has the ability to move pretty much anything but usually rocks and soil thanks to the blade on the front. Some have a ripper on the back which can break up rocks or dig holes with.


This is a forklift. What tasks does it complete on a site where construction is taking place?

A forklift is normally associated with use in a warehouse, but they are also used on construction sites, for example, to move many bags of cement.


What is the function of concrete pumps?

A concrete pump sends ready-mix concrete down a boom to exactly where it is needed on a construction site.


This vehicle is a dump truck. Its task on a construction site is to __________?

A dump truck transports material to and from the constructions site, for example, gravel or sand.


An easy on this! A rockbreaker has one main job on a construction site. What is it?

The name kinda gives it away. A rock breaker is used to break up any rocks that a bulldozer ripper cannot.


What task does a grader perform on a construction site?

A grader, sometimes called a motor grader, has a long blade in the front and is used to make soil totally flat. It is used after a bulldozer has done its work.


In this image we see a single drum compactor. What does it do on a construction site?

This machine rides over areas on a construction site to compact them using a large, heavy drum which forms part of the unit.


On construction sites, what task does a crusher perform?

The name is a giveaway! A crusher breaks rocks into smaller rocks or gravel.


Drilling rigs are sometimes found on construction sites. They are used to ________

Drilling rigs are used to drill down into soil or rock on a construction site.


What does a crawler loader do on a construction site?

This is usually a vehicle with a scoop on the front but instead of wheels, it has tracks.


What is the purpose of a tiltrotator?

This allows the bucket on an excavator to rotate through 360 degrees. This increases overall precision.


Mobile cranes are often found on construction sites but what do they do?

Mobile cranes are great when you need a crane for just a day or two. They do the job without building a big structure.


What task do excavators perform?

Essentially a mechanical shovel, excavators do the digging on a construction site.


Earthmovers are seen on construction sites all over the world. What are they tasked with?

An earth mover is a massive truck that is tasked with clearing unnecessary sand, rocks and rubble from a construction site and dumping it elsewhere.


What tasks do backhoes perform?

This tractor-like unit features a large digging bucket on the front and a two-part articulated arm on the back with a smaller bucket on the back. It is used to dig and move soil around a construction site, for example.


This image shows a scraper. Do you have any idea how they are used on a construction site?

Used for earthmoving, a scraper is able to not only collect large portions of soil and store it onboard, it can then move it to another part of the construction site and dump it where needed.


Everyone has seen a front-end loader before, but what does it do on a construction site?

A front-end loader has a front bucket able to scoop up soil, gravel or small rocks and move them to another areas on a construction site or put them into a dump truck, for example.


A tunnel boring machine _________

Also known as a mole, a tunnel boring machine's name gives it away. It makes tunnels. They can be used as an alternative to blasting.


A good old tractor! What does it do when used in construction?

Tractors can be used for many reasons. Tractors are used on a construction site for pulling rollers to flatten soil.


A dump truck is tasked with what job while on a construction site?

Dump trucks transport material to and from the construction site, for example, gravel or sand.


What does a tracked asphalt paver do in the world of construction?

This machine is able to lay asphalt on a construction site, for example for roads or parking lots.


What is a rough terrain crane?

This crane moves under its own power and has large tires that allow it to operate in off-road conditions or in rough terrain.


Are you able to identify the task a scissor lift vehicle performs?

This vehicle carries a scissors lift which can be used to reach high places on a construction site. Often used as an alternative to scaffolding.


On a construction site, a quad trencher does what?

Riding on a quad track system, a quad trencher digs trenches on a construction site.


A double drum compactor has one task on a construction site. What is it?

This machine rides over areas on a construction site to compact them using two large, heavy drums which form part of the unit.


What does a concrete paver do?

This machine is able to lay concrete on a construction site, for example for sidewalks.


Can you tell the main task that a skid steer loader performs?

Sort of a mini bulldozer, a skid steer loader is a four-wheeled machine that can have various attachments attached to a two-armed lifting arm. They are capable of zero-radius turns so are highly manueverable.


This strange-looking machine is a feller buncher. What tasks does it perform?

A feller buncher is a harvester vehicle used in logging and on construction sites where large amounts of trees need to be cleared.


A plate compactor does what job on a construction site?

A plate compactor is a machine used by a single operator that compacts small areas of soil.


What is the purpose of a reach stacker?

This specialized vehicle is used for stacking containers on a construction site or at a harbor for instance.


This blade is used on a bulldozer to perform what task?

A blade on a bulldozer is primarily used to move soil, gravel and the like around a construction site.


What is an excavator bucket used for?

This is the bucket found on all excavators. Used for digging REALLY big holes.


Do you know what a pile driver does on a construction site?

This specialist machine drives piles into the ground. These act as foundation support.


What does a hydraulic hammer do?

An extension for an excavator, a hydraulic hammer can be used to demolish buildings or to break up rocks.


An easy one. We're sure you know what a mixer does, don't you?

This machine is used to mix small amounts of concrete and cement on a construction site. Larger amounts are brought in by trucks.


What is a wrecking ball used for?

Attached to a crane, this large, heavy ball, made from steel is used to demolish structures.


What is the purpose of a telescopic handler?

Also called a boom lift, this is very similar to a forklift but on a bigger scale. It differs from a forklift in that the prongs operate on a telescopic boom.


What does a jackhammer do on a construction site?

A jackhammer is a one-person-operated machine for breaking up concrete or small rocks


Any idea what an access mat is used for in construction?

A portable floor used on construction sites to provide a firm footing for construction machinery.


What is the task of a bending machine?

This is used to bend piping used during construction.


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