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After the success of the first and second Captain America films, Marvel Universe decided to continue the Avenger's journey. In the 2016 film, it seems Captain America is gearing up for a civil war. Can you come out on top?

In what year does the film begin?

The movie begins in 1991 with Bucky being trained and brainwashed as a soldier with a series of words.


What kind of accident does Bucky cause at the beginning of the film?

At the beginning of the film, we see Bucky sent to retrieve something from a car trunk. In order to do that, he causes the car to crash.


In what country do we see an attack at the beginning of the film?

At the beginning of the film, we see an attack happening in Lagos, where the Institute for Infectious Diseases is being infiltrated.


What's the name of the man who planned the attack on the Institute for Infectious Diseases?

At the beginning of the film, Captain America and some of the Avengers are in Lagos trying to stop Brock Rumlow from stealing a chemical from the Institute for Infectious Diseases.


Which Avenger is missing at the battle in Lagos?

When Captain America brings the Avengers to Nigeria, he comes with Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, and Sam Wilson to help him capture Brock Rumlow.


What's the name of Sam's flying machine?

During the battle in Lagos, Sam's machine, RedWing, helps Natasha by shooting one of their opponents. In a joke, Sam tells her to thank the machine.


Who causes the fire in the Lagos building?

When Rumlow tries to blow up a bomb, Wanda contains it but accidentally sends it into a a nearby building.


At what school is Tony speaking where he gives the students grants?

At the beginning of the film, Tony Stark is speaking at MIT and showing some of his newest technology. He also gives all the students a grant to develop their own projects.


The accords used to control the Avengers was titled after what country?

After a mother whose son died in Sokovia stops Tony, he joins the government with pitching the idea of the Sokovia Accords to the rest of the Avengers.


Who attends Margaret Carter's funeral with Steve?

When Steve heads to London for Margaret's funeral, we see Sam sitting next to him in the pews. After the service, Natasha joins him..


Which of these Avengers don't sign the Sokovia Accords?

When Steve asks Natasha who signed the Sokovia Accords, she mentions Rhodes, Tony, Vision, and herself. When he asks about Clint, Natasha answered, "He's retired."


What's the name of the first king of Wakanda?

T'Chaka is introduced as the first king of Wakanda. After he dies at the signing of the Sokovia Accords, his son, T'Challa, becomes king.


In what country are the Sokovia Accords signed?

When it comes time to sign the Sokovia Accords, it takes place at the UN building in Vienna, Austria.


Who is seen leaving the bomb near the signing of the Sokovia Accords?

After the bombing at the Sokovia Accords, a picture is released to the press of Bucky leaving a bomb in a news van.


Which character is introduced in the film?

The Black Panther makes his first appearance in "Captain America: Civil War." After the death of his father, T'Challa becomes the Black Panther to avenge his father.


Which Avenger helps arrest Captain America, Bucky, and the Black Panther?

After the police are seen pursuing Captain America, Bucky, and the Black Panther, Rhodes intervenes in an Iron Man suit to help detain them.


When Bucky is brainwashed and tries to escape, what does he hijack?

When Zemo brainwashes Bucky with the command words, Bucky tries to hijack a plane, but Steve stops him.


How long does Secretary of State Ross give Tony to find Captain America?

When Tony originally asks for 72 hours to bring Captain America, Sam, and Bucky back, Secretary of State Ross only gives him 36 hours.


Who does Tony go to Queens to recruit?

When Iron Man realizes they need help bringing in Captain America, he goes to Queens and recruits Peter Parker.


Who comes to help Wanda escape from the Avengers' headquarters?

When Vision won't let Wanda leave the Avengers' headquarters, Clint comes to help her escape.


Which new Marvel character joins Captain America's side of the battle?

Scott Lang, Ant Man, returns to the Marvel universe in "Captain America: Civil War," where he is recruited to help Captain America fight against the Winter Soldiers.


How many other Winter Soldiers are there?

When Bucky says he isn't the only Winter Soldier, it is revealed that when he caused the car crash in 1991, he stole five blue packets used to create the others.


Who ends up fatally injured after the battle between the Avengers?

When Rhodes goes in pursuit of Steve and Bucky, his suit is hit by a beam and malfunctions, and he falls hundreds of feet to the ground.


Who is responsible for Rhodes' injury?

While Sam is pursuing Rhodes, Rhodes asks Vision for backup. Vision, who is distracted with comforting Wanda, accidentally shoots Rhodes instead.


Who is responsible for the UN bombing?

Helmut Zemo got a wig and facial prosthesis that allowed him to look like Bucky while he set the UN bomb.


Who is responsible for the death of Tony's parents?

When Steve and Tony finally team up against Zemo, Zemo plays a tape for them. It shows Bucky causing the car accident that killed Tony's parents.


Who knew that Bucky was responsible for the Starks' death?

After Zemo shows Tony, Steve, and Bucky the video of Bucky killing the Starks, Steve admits that he knew all along.


How does Bucky lose his metal arm?

When Bucky tries to pull the arc reactor out of Tony's chest, it blows off his entire arm.


Whose death was Zemo NOT avenging?

When Zemo is explaining to T'Challa what happened in Sokovia, he tells him how an Avengers' battle killed his father, wife, and son.


Who stops Zemo from killing himself?

After T'Challa tells Zemo that he's giving up his mission of vengeance, Zemo tries to shoot himself. T'Challa stops him and tells him that the world isn't finished with him yet.


What does Captain America leave behind after his fight with Tony?

After the fight, Tony yells that Captain America doesn't deserve the shield that his father made. As Steve helps Bucky walk out, he leaves the shield on the ground.


As what does Stan Lee make a cameo appearance at the end of the film?

When Tony is talking to Rhodes at his house, Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel comics, makes a cameo appearance as a delivery man.


When Tony Stark gets a delivery at the end of the movie, what does the delivery man call him?

When Tony gets a delivery at his house, the delivery man says he is looking for Tony Stank. It's a joke that Rhodes promises to hold on to.


Who breaks the rest of the Avengers out of Raft Prison?

After the fight between Captain America and Iron Man, Steve writes a letter to Tony letting him know that he can't leave the Avengers rotting in prison.


Which Marvel character is shown in the post-credits scene?

After the credits, there is a scene featuring Peter Parker. When his Aunt May asks about his black eye, she tells him a guy from Brooklyn named Steve (Captain America) gave it to him. The film ends with the words "Spider-Man will return."


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