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So you think you know Disney? Disney has made a lot of films over the years, and not all of them were hits you would be familiar with. Can you finish these titles?

"101" what?

"101 Dalmatians" is a classic of Disney animation, and has spawned a series of sequels.


"Pete's" what?

"Pete's Dragon" was a recent Disney animated film that did well at the box office.


"Beauty and The" what?

"Beauty and The Beast" was made first as an animated film, then again recently as a live action movie.


"Inside" what?

"Inside Out" is deemed a great film in part because it accurately represents psychological problems, like depression.


"Monsters" what?

"Monsters University" is part of a successful "monsters" franchise about the imaginary creatures that go bump in the night.


"Pirates of the Caribbean: On" what?

This Disney film was critically panned, but broke even


"Mars Needs" what?

"Mars Needs Moms" broke even when it came out a few years ago, but it wasn't a vaunted Disney mega-hit.


"Toy" what?

"Toy Story" is one of those unique movie franchises that kept getting better with each sequel. The series is one of the best in the history of film, and a jewel in the crown of Pixar.


"Pulp" what?

"Pulp Fiction" is a film that did a lot of things. It put Quentin Tarantino on the map, it revived the career of John Travolta, it launched Uma Thurman as a superstar, and it made the career of Samuel L. Jackson.


"Prince of" what?

"Prince of Persia" was not well received, in part because the lead character, a Persian, was played by a white actor.


"Tron:" what?

"Tron: Legacy" was pitched on the strength of a special effects test and it shows. The film has some glorious visuals, but little in the way of story, and it was critically panned.


"The Sorcerer's" what?

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" featured the acting talents of Nick Cage and Alfred Molina, two actors with tremendous resumes, but its script wasn't particularly revolutionary, especially in light of other films of the genre, and it bombed at the box office.


"Alice in" what?

"Alice in Wonderland" was a sanitized version of the written story, but with the capabilities of animation, it took the storytelling to a place no book ever could.


"Jonas Brothers:" what?

The Jonas Brothers' Disney documentary wasn't groundbreaking as film making goes, but was a real crowd pleaser, amped up with cutting edge 3D technology.


"Trail of The" what?

Telling a touching story about a mute boy who adopts a panda (pandas are no longer endangered), "Trail of The Panda" was a Disney film made in China.


"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince" what?

"The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" was a successful adaptation and part of the Narnia films Disney produced a few years ago. It introduced Ben Barnes to a wide audience.


"Glory" what?

Glory Road was a 2006 basketball drama produced by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer


"Ice" what?

This 2005 Michelle Trachtenberg vehicle was a bit of a dud, costing Disney $25 million to make and only earning about $27.5 million at the box office.


"Confessions of a Teenage" what?

"Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" did okay by movie standards, earning double its meager $15 million budget at the box office.


"Tuck" what?

"Tuck Everlasting" was a successful Disney book adaptation, but not much of a hit at the box office, making only about $19 million with a budget of $15 million.


"Finding" what?

"Finding Nemo" is a Disney franchise that not only benefits from good storytelling, but also some pretty big celebrity voices.


"George of" what?

"George of The Jungle," released in 1997, was a case of Disney getting what it paid for. It invested $55 million in this live action remake of an old property, and made nearly triple that at the box office.


"Man of" what?

In "Man of The House," Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays a boy who is feeling out a potential step father played by Chevy Chase, who has people hunting him because of his work as a lawyer.


"DuckTales the Movie:" what?

"DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" is a cumbersome name for a movie, but then it had to identify itself as part of the very successful DuckTales television show to ensure it got its audience. It made a modest $18.1 million in the box office, but most of its money was made on video sales.


"Honey, I Blew Up" what?

"Honey, I Shrank the Kids" was a hit, so why not do one better and bigger? This film did well back when it came out in 1992, but today it probably wouldn't fly without some really improved special effects.


"The" what?

1991's "The Rocketeer" was really the first modern superhero movie which is a bit of a superhero movie trope repeating in nearly every Marvel movie (Marvel is owned by Disney).


"White" what?

"White Fang" was a solidly produced Disney movie that did reasonably well at the box office (it was no blockbuster) and continued to do well on television and in video sales.


"Flight of the" what?

"Flight of the Navigator" had cutting edge special effects for its time, even considering its modest $9 million budget. It doubled that at the box office.


"The Many Adventures of" what?

"The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" was a 1977 Disney effort written by eight screenwriters. The list of actors who "starred" in the film is the same length as the list of writers.


"The Cat from" what?

"The Cat from Outer Space" was a comedy science fiction film released by Disney in 1977, the same year as Star Wars. Its story revolved around a space ship containing a catlike alien named Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 and isn't well remembered as a great Disney effort.


"King of the" what?

"King of the Grizzlies" was the first film released by Disney in the 1970s. Its plot is entirely dependent on very outdated ideas about how native Americans should be depicted in film.


"The Adventures of" what?

"The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin" was a Western Comedy starring Roddy McDowall released in 1967, and is about the world of old west prize fighting.


"The Ugly" what?

"The Ugly Dachshund" is not a well remembered Disney film. This 1966 Disney film, based on a story published in 1938, is about a Great Dane who believes he is a Dachshund.


"The Reluctant" what?

"The Reluctant Dragon" was a 1941 Disney film, and the oldest Disney film you've never heard of, preceded by "Fantasia," "Pinocchio," and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."


"Anaganaga" what?

This film was made in India, as part of a Disney co-production. "Anaganaga O Dheerudu" was co-produced by A Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment, Arka Media Works, Disney India and Disney World Cinema, and was released in 2011. It cost $4 million to make and made $6 million.


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