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"Girl, Interrupted" explored many of the issues that concern young women, and became a sleeper hit in the 90s. Commit yourself to our cinematic challenge by taking this quiz, and testing your knowledge of this movie now!

The entire film is told through the eyes of Susanna Kaysen, a real-life person on whose book about her experiences in the 1960s the film is based. Which popular 90s actress played her?

Winona Ryder played Susanna Kaysen. She was committed to making a film from the book . She was also one of the film’s executive producers.


The opening scene finds Susanna being taken to a hospital. What’s wrong with her?

Susanna tried to kill herself one night.


How did Susanna try to kill herself?

When asked why she took aspirin, Susanna said she had a headache. Chasing it with vodka, however, was not the way to get rid of the pain.


Susanna seemed like an ordinary high school graduating senior, but her behavior was often not quite ordinary. What specifically gave her a bit of trouble with the adults?

Susanna seems to sleep around. She once had sex with a college professor, but she declined continuing the relationship because the guy was a friend of her parents.


As a consequence of her suicide attempt, what did Susanna's parents make her do?

Suicidal attempts require psychological intervention.


After talking with the psychiatrist, Susanna was recommended to check into Claymoore to “get some better rest.” What kind of institution is Claymoore?

Claymoore is a mental institution where "troublesome" kids were sent to work out their problems.


Susanna was welcomed to Claymoore by Valerie, a kind head nurse. Which comedic actress played her?

Whoopi Goldberg played the kind but straight-up head nurse, Valerie. Goldberg is known for her comedy, but her talent extends into dramatic roles as well.


Susanna roommate, Georgina, likes reading which popular series of children's books?

Georgina is an expert on the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book series written by L. Frank Baum. Georgina was played by Clea Duvall.


Why is Georgina at Claymoore?

Georgina loves stories, but she also tells her own tall tales, and is diagnosed as a pathological liar.


The seemingly quiet women’s section of Claymoore was disturbed by the arrival of a returning patient named Lisa. Which Hollywood actress played her?

Angelina Jolie played the blonde rebel, Lisa. She breaks out of Claymoore every once in a while, and is escorted back by the police. Jolie won an Academy Award for her performance in this film.


Lisa had a best friend named Jamie who killed herself, and she initially got mad at Susanna for “taking over" Jamie’s bed and room. How did Jamie commit suicide?

When Lisa asked how her best friend had killed herself, she was told that Jamie hung herself with a volleyball net.


Which "Girl, Interrupted" cast member — who portrayed a patient who committed suicide — died in real life.

Brittany Murphy died in 2009 at the age of 32, reportedly from pneumonia complications. She played Daisy in "Girl, Interrupted."


Daisy didn’t want anyone to go inside her room, because she was hiding spoiling food under her bed. What kind of food was she hiding?

Daisy didn't want visitors in her room for various reasons. Lisa and Susanna found out that she was hiding rotisserie chickens underneath her bed.


Susanna is sometimes seen doing this ...

Susanna spends a lot of time writing her thoughts in her notebook journal.


Another patient, Polly Clark, had burn marks on her face and body. What nickname did Lisa give her?

Torch didn’t mind Lisa calling her by that nickname. But everybody else called her Polly. The burn marks on her face and body were the result of a childhood trauma.


Susanna smokes non-American cigarettes. From which European country do her cigarettes come?

While preparing for Claymoore, Susanna packed her special brand of French cigarettes, which other people always wanted to bum from her.


Susanna gained Daisy’s trust by trading this drug ...

Susanna started trading valium with Daisy once in a while, which led the latter to relax her stance a bit about inviting people over to her “place,” or room.


Susanna discovered that the girls in Claymoore hung out in their “underground playground” where they could do this ...

A kind of bowling alley was hidden underneath Claymoore. Lisa and the girls discovered it, and had been going down there ever since.


After breaking into the chief psychiatrist’s office, the girls read their case files, and Susanna discovered that she was diagnosed with BPD. What is BPD?

Borderline Personality Disorder is Susanna’s official diagnosis. While she appears rational, doctors say there are hints she's a bit unstable.


As for Lisa’s diagnosis, she was diagnosed as a __path.

Since she has been in Claymoore for eight years, it’s apparent that Lisa's problems run deep, and she is diagnosed as a sociopath.


Aside from swearing a lot, Janet Webb is always seen doing this kind of dance.

Webb, who is very thin, is always seen stretching like a dancer. Sometimes she does ballet poses, giving a hint of her background before Claymoore.


Cynthia, another patient, also wanted to be declared a sociopath, but Lisa insisted that she was just one of these.

Psychology earlier treated homosexuality as a disorder and mental illness. This explains why Cynthia would be in Claymoore. Since 1974, however, the American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality is not a mental disorder.


Apparently, the doctors saw Susanna’s engagement in this as a symptom of her Borderline Personality Disorder.

Susanna’s penchant for having casual sex was seen as a symptom of her “mental illness.” However, she constantly tried to debunk this finding.


It’s the last thing one would want to eat on a winter's day, but the Claymoore girls, under Valerie and her nurses’ guidance, went to town to eat this.

Valerie decided to treat the girls out to ice cream one winter day. That was the day of Daisy’s release, so it was like a going away treat.


Susanna’s lover, Toby, visited her one day. Which Suicide Squad actor played Toby?

Jared Leto played Toby, Susanna’s lover. Leto is also a musician.


Toby wanted to run away from America to avoid the 1960s Vietnam War draft. To what country did he want to go?

Toby, and many others like him, avoided the military draft by going to another country. For Americans, it was easy to cross the border into Canada, making it their getaway country of choice.


When Polly had a fit one night, Susanna played this musical instrument outside the door to calm her down. What instrument was it?

Susanna apparently knew how to play the guitar, so she borrowed one and started playing for Polly.


What popular Petula Clark song of the 1960s did Susanna play to calm Polly down?

The hit “Downtown" became popular in 1965 for Petula Clark. Susanna played this on the guitar while she and Lisa sang it for Polly.


When Lisa saw that they were building a new theme park in Florida, she used it as an excuse to run away from Claymoore again, bringing Susanna with her. What theme park was this?

Lisa entertained the notion of working for Disney when she heard on the news that a Disney theme park was being built in Florida.


What momentary special connection did Susanna and Lisa have on their way to Florida?

Lisa and Susanna hitchhiked with some hippies inside a VW van. During that moment of freedom, Susanna leaned over and kissed Lisa on the lips.


On the way to Florida, Lisa and Susanna crashed into Daisy’s apartment. What was revealed about Daisy, which was the actual reason she was at Claymoore?

Lisa said everyone in Claymoore knew this secret.


On the morning that Daisy hung herself, she was playing this song by Skeeter Davis over and over again.

The 1962 Skeeter Davis hit, "The End of the World,” was on a loop in Daisy’s vinyl record player the morning she hung herself. In 1973, the Carpenters also recorded this song.


When she went back to Claymoore after Daisy’s suicide, Susanna brought Daisy’s pet along with her there. What kind of pet did Daisy have?

Daisy’s cat, Ruby, took a liking to Susanna when Daisy died. Susanna, in turn, brought Ruby to Claymoore to entertain the girls there.


During their final confrontation scene, when Lisa asked "Why don’t somebody push my buttons,” to see if someone would care if she died or not, what did Susanna answer?

Susanna observed that Lisa was already dead inside, and people don’t care for people like that, she said.


Susanna gets this diagnosis before being let out of Claymoore.

"Declared healthy” is Susanna's final diagnosis before being let out of Claymoore. In real life, Susanna obtained her medical records in the mental institution where she checked in, as added research for writing her "Girl, Interrupted" memoir.


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