Can We Guess Where You Live Based on the Foods You Hate?

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About This Quiz

They say you are what you eat, but does that mean that you're not what you don't eat? In our opinion, it sort of does! At least, we'll be able to tell where you live based on the foods you find most disgusting. All you have to do is tell us about them. 

Do you remember those foods that you hated as a kid? Do you still hate them, or has your more mature palate found new and different foods to hate? During this quiz, we are going to ask you about all the most commonly despised foods on the planet. Then, we'll use the way you feel about them to figure out where you live. We might not get your exact zip code right, but we will know which state you call home. 

Whether you love or hate pineapple on pizza might have a little to do with the regional foods around you. By the time we get to know the foods that offend your palate, we'll know you as well as your best friend. Thankfully, this quiz is focusing on finding your map location and not revealing your inner secrets. 

Tell us about the foods you can't stand, and we'll take it from there! Will we get your location right?

Would you rather eat a plate of okra or a bowl full of asparagus?

Which one of these things would you never dip your fries in?

Cabbage or broccoli? Which one do you hate more?

Do you like pineapple on pizza, or do you consider it an unforgivable sin?

Using only one word, what are you thoughts on sausage gravy?

What is the most disgusting way to eat an egg?

Some people love coleslaw! Are you one of them?

Are you a bigger fan of steak tartar or caviar?

You either love it or hate it. How do you feel about tofu?

If you saw someone putting ketchup on their mac and cheese, what would you think?

Prunes are great for upset stomachs. How would you describe their taste?

Would you add a pickled beet to your burger or cringe at the thought?

Green olives, black olives or no olives at all?

Most things are better when deep-fried. Do you feel the same way about mushrooms?

If you don't eat your liver, you can't have dessert! Will you eat the liver?

In your opinion, what's the best way to eat SPAM?

Which one of these candies have you hated since childhood?

Be honest! What is the best thing you can do with Brussel sprouts?

Does the thought of eating cauliflower make you nauseous?

Do you hate feta, goat cheese or bleu cheese more?

Most kids hate peas. Did you ever grow out of it?

What is the very worst thing that could ever be put on toast?

Would you take or leave a slice of cantaloupe?

What reaction would you have to being served calamari?

You get to choose a snack of carrots or celery sticks. Which one do you grab?

What are your true feelings about sardines?

Shrimp cocktail is the only appetizer at a party. Are you going to have some?

Don't hold back! What's your opinion of cottage cheese?

If you had the chance to try haggis, would you?

Fennel is another love or hate kind of food. Do you like it?

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