Can We Guess What Risky Wedding Dress You Could Pull Off?

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When you think about your wedding day, what do you see yourself wearing? Would you do the classic Givenchy thing like Meghan Markle, or would you go for a riskier vibe?

If you chose to go non-traditional with your wedding dress, you'd be joining a proud tradition of celebrities who weren't afraid to flex their personalities on the big day. For her (first) marriage to Richard Burton in 1964, Elizabeth Taylor wore a bright yellow mod suit AND covered her head in hyacinths and lilies of the valley. When Pamela Anderson married Kid Rock in 2005, she went a more minimalist route by pairing a white bikini with a captain's hat. More recently, Priyanka Chopra wore both a custom Ralph Lauren dress AND a ruby-red designer Lehenga for her 2018 wedding to Nick Jonas. (Talk about #goals!)

If you were getting married, which wedding dress would you wild out in? Are you a "giant multi-colored Disney Princess gown" kinda person or do sheer, belly-baring dresses suit you better? Answer our questions and we'll tell you which tacky, revealing, strange or shocking wedding dress would look dope on you! (Fiancé not included.) Ready for the crazy wedding dress journey of a lifetime? Let's go!

What's your favorite body part to show off?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how Lizzo are you?

If you were a witch 🧙‍♀️, what kind of witch would you be?

Sequins: yay or nay?

Imagine you're designing a luxe candle line. Which of these crazy-AF candle names would you use?

Let's say it's your birthday. What do your friends have to do in order to make it litty?

A dragon is going to murder you unless you buy him some DRIPPING shoes. Which of these pairs would you purchase?

Pretend you're writhing in a pool full of jewels. What kind of jewels do you hope you're writhing on?

In your opinion, which Kardashian is #goals?

Have you ever taken any of Gwyneth Paltrow's health advice?

What's your least fave kind of food?

You're going to a pool party tonight. What are you wearing?

Confess: What's the tackiest thing you've ever worn?

For your wedding, you need an official couple emoji. Which of these will you choose?

Would you rather party with Ariana, Solange, Bette Davis or Lili Reinhart?

Please complete the sentence. "My ideal celebrity groom is ..."?

Please complete the sentence. "My ideal celebrity bride is ..."?

How many tattoos are too many tattoos?

Confess: Which of these snacks is your secret addiction?

What kind of flowers do you want at your wedding? Pretend that money is no object!

"If my wedding doesn't ________, I'm not even going!" Can you complete this sentence?

Let's talk honeymoon. Which destinations are #goals?

Confess: How often do you wear the same clothes twice without washing them?

In your opinion, which of these ugly-hot celebs is actually big cute?

On your wedding day, are you willing to wear Spanx or nah?

If you could get married somewhere truly wild, where would you have your wedding?

Confess: Which messy celebrity relationship actually sounds like a dream to you?

Which of these weird wedding tablescapes feels like the biggest #mood to you?

How do you want your wedding to end?

Be honest: Is your first marriage just gonna be practice?

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