Can We Guess If You Were Popular or a Nerd in High School?

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Your high school days may be over, but this personality quiz will take you on a trip down memory lane. So whether you were a social butterfly or a church mouse in high school, we're about to explore some more of your past personality traits!

High school popularity is generally based upon a number of factors that makes a person appear "cool" to others. Even though some of these aspects may be dependent on one's outward appearance, many popular people share one thing in common: a great personality. Have you ever wondered why popular high school students were equated to phrases like "most likely to succeed" or "most likely to be the next Steve Jobs?" 

It's not just because of their intelligence, but because of their communication and leadership skills. People generally want to be friends with those who naturally know how to take charge of a situation and are able to come up with a solution to a problem in a quick manner. Those who are popular also tend to show little to no fear when socializing with others at large events. So whether or not this sounds like you, this personality quiz will determine just how popular you were during your high school days! 

High school popularity is often based on the size of one's social circle. How big or small was your social circle back in the day?

Were you the type of person who raised their hand in class to ask a question or does that sound way too embarrassing?

Let's be honest here: it was pretty cool to wear glasses in high school, right?

Did you wear name-brand clothing in high school or was fashion not on your mind at all?

Everyone has a favorite year of high school, right? Which of the following high school years was your favorite?

Were you ever voted prom queen or prom king during your high school years or was that just a pipe dream?

Thinking back to your after-school activities, were you involved in any sports or clubs?

Have you ever skipped school or is this something that you would never even think about doing?

Let's talk about your high school grades for a moment. Were you more of an A, B or C student?

Some high school students have an after-school job. Were you one of those students who worked after school?

When it comes to studying for a test, how many hours per week did you set aside to study for such quizzes and exams?

Did you regularly complete your homework on time or were you always finishing it right before the class began?

We all have a favorite school subject and today, we want to know what your favorite high school class was.

Does the phrase "perfect attendance" correspond with your excellent attendance record in high school?

Were you ever elected as class president during your high school days or was that just a big popularity contest?

The lunch bell has just rung! Were you typically eating lunch by yourself or did you eat with some of your friends?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how much confidence did you have in yourself during your high school days?

Was it cool to chew gum during class or was that a big distraction to the learning environment?

Did you ever pass notes or text in class during your high school days or were you too focused on the learning material?

Which of the following colored pencil colors matched your inner personality during your high school days?

High school days often started bright and early in the mornings. How long did it typically take you to get ready for school?

Which of the following was your standard method of transportation to get to high school?

Have you ever fallen asleep during a boring class or were you always wide-awake no matter what the class was?

Did you date your crush during your high school days or were they completely unaware of your existence?

Let's talk about what you looked like in high school. Would you describe your past looks as gorgeous, cute, pretty or cool?

Would you describe your high school self as someone who was multitalented or is this the opposite of who you were?

Were you ever on the honor roll during your high school days or was the honor roll for losers?

With regards to your high school yearbook, which of the following superlatives corresponded with your inner personality the most?

Which of these were you known for the most in high school: being super quiet or super outgoing?

Did you dance or sing at any of your high school dances or does that sound too humiliating to think about?

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