Can We Guess If You Prefer Physical or Emotional Attraction?

Emily Maggrett

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What attracts you to someone else? Is it their looks, or are you more likely to be drawn to their overall vibe? Do you care if they're smart, or is that a bug instead of a feature? When you picture your ideal bae, is it someone from the cool kids' table or a person who does their own thing?

In this quiz, we're focused on finding out what makes your heart beat faster! 😻 There are no right or wrong answers here — all you have to do is share your actual feelings. You're going to have to tell us your turn-ons and turn-offs, share your pet peeves and even play a few rounds of MFK. By the end of the quiz, you'll know what's truly important to you ... just in time for cuffing season! JK, we know you're on #HotGirlSummer patrol year-round. 😜

So, are you ready to tell us the truth about what you want bae to do when you're sick, whether bad clothes are really a deal-breaker and how you'd decide an MFK match between Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Ariana Grande? Come on, just say yes! Because we know you're secretly thirsty to play this heckin' quiz! 😁

What made you fall for your last boyfriend or girlfriend? 🤩

If bae wanted to put you in the mood for snuggling, what would they have to do?

Are there any qualities that your exes have in common? 👀

Let's say you're checking people out on a dating app. Which of these words in their profile would get you to swipe right?

MFK: Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande. How would you answer?

Look at this list of pet peeves. Which one of these is a total relationship deal-breaker?

Can you complete the sentence? "My exes won't stop sliding into my DMs because I'm so ..."?

Imagine yourself having a secret relationship with someone at work. Hot or not?

You're at a party when you notice someone AMAZING. 💖 What are they doing?

MFK: Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, John Mayer. What would your choices be???

After a long day, how do you want bae to treat you?

Which of these habits in people makes you high-key annoyed?

Have you ever dumped someone? If so, why?

"If your partner isn't ____, it's never going to work." How would you finish this sentence? 👅

MFK: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Michael B. Jordan. How would you answer?

Do vain people turn you on or off?

Let's say you really like someone with waaay too much facial hair (or body hair). Will this relationship survive?

If your fam thought your partner was booty, would you stay with them?

Which of these Harrys do you stan the hardest?

MFK: Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Michelle Rodriguez. Will you tell us the truth about how you'd pick? 😜

Can you complete the sentence? "I would never leave my love unless they lost their ..."?

If your crush had bad grammar, would you be tilted?

Which is the worst option: a partner who isn't too swift, a partner who's a slob or a partner who's mean to you?

Bae wants to get together to talk about feelings for three hours. Your response is ...?

MFK: Natalie Portman, Seth Rogen, Taylor Lautner. How would you choose?

Can you finish this sentence? "I don't want to cuddle unless my partner ..."?

A bae with very bad clothes asks you out. Let us emphasize: They are SO BAE. 🔥 What do you say?

Let's say your crush wants to comfort you when you're sick. What should they bring you?

Be honest: Is there anybody in the world that you'd give up #HotGirlSummer for?

MFK: Lupita Nyong'o, Tessa Thompson, Janelle Monae. How would you answer?

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