Can We Guess If You Played Baseball or Softball in High School?

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It's hard to tell nowadays when you compare softball to baseball, but there was a reason softball was invented back in 1887. The game was meant to be played indoors as a way to ensure you could still have some baseball fun even if the weather outside was moody af. As a result, the field of play shrank a little bit, as did the distance between the bases and, of course, the size of the ball changed. The ball also became softer to make it less of a destructive piece of equipment for indoor play. Then eventually we moved it all outdoors again, but the rules stayed the same.

These days, some dudes may look down on softball because it's not "real" baseball, but that's probably because they just haven't played the game before. It's not baseball in the way rugby isn't football. They're similar sports, but they're not the same and they're not supposed to be the same. What they are supposed to be is competitive and fun, and they definitely qualify as both. So if you spent some time playing in high school, why not tell us a bit about yourself and we bet we can guess exactly which sport you played! Take the quiz and see!

What's the most important thing about playing sports?

For some people, an important part of sports is the ability to trash talk the other team. You ever do that?

You need to pump up that crowd to have a really killer game. What song is your bop?

Cafeteria food: Good times or cancelled?

Baseball and softball aren't the only games that involve smacking a ball around. Which other games you tryna play?

Do you have a large group of friends or do you prefer to just hang out with a few people?

Did you put the "I" in team?

What sport were you playing during the winter?

Are baseball players worth those multi-million-dollar contracts or they extra?

Did playing ball get in the way of your schoolwork?

Did you and your friends ever pull a senior prank?

Do you have any trophies hanging around the house?

What's ballpark snack is fire?

Some games are meant for indoors and maybe also for playing while you're eating snacks. Pick one!

If the coach needs you to ride the pine so another teammate who's not as good as you can get up to bat, are you cool with that?

So were you sitting in the front row and answering all of the teacher's questions in class or what?

We know you were into sports, but what about other extracurriculars? Were you in the band?

Did you ever get threatened with being cut from the team for your out-of-school behavior?

Do you still play ball in your spare time just with friends?

Sports movies are either awesome or terrible. What's sports movie is lit?

How were you getting to school most often back in the day?

Overall, were you a good student?

So what happened after high school?

If you're beat from a day of playing sports but are still down for some games, what are you hitting up?

Bruh, the power just went out and that means gaming is done. Unless we try board games. Pick one!

Did you work during your summers in high school?

In art class, what do you feel brought out your artistic side the most?

Were you ever singled out for your contributions to the team?

When you got home from school, what would you be most likely to do on an average day?

What were you and your friends going to be doing on a Friday night?

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