Build a Salad and We'll Guess Your High School Stereotype

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Go to high school, they said. It will be fun, they said. Not sure who "they" are, but high school isn't always fun. In fact, sometimes it can be downright horrifying. Some people make out way better than others, and those are the ones who are part of an elite group of friends. If you were part of one of the other groups that maybe felt ostracized, or you didn't belong to a group at all, you weren't alone. All of these groups add flavor and intrigue to the high school experience. Which one were you in? Let's find out.

Let's figure this out by how you like your salad. Say what? It's true! Salads might be everyone's least favorite food, but there are basically endless bases, toppings, dressings, sides, you name it. If you've ever been to a build-your-own salad spot, you know just how daunting it can be to make up your mind on the spot. You'll have a little bit more time in this quiz, and at the end, you don't even have to eat the salad. Want us to guess your high school stereotype? Build a salad in this quiz and we will!

What type of medium are you serving the salad in?

Which lettuce will serve as the base?

Will there just be one lettuce?

Are you putting any protein on there?

Just one protein?

Is your salad going to be a full meal?

Which grains are you adding to the top of your salad?

Are you putting any beans in?

What is your favorite veggie on a salad?

Are you tossing your salad before putting the dressing on?

Is there a flavor theme to your salad?

Will there be croutons?

How often do you eat salads?

When you do eat salad, do you make it yourself or get it out?

Which place do you think has the best salads?

What are you getting on the side with your salad?

Are you putting any nuts or seeds on your salad for a little crunch?

Anything to drink to wash it all down?

Now let's talk dressing. Do you prefer creamy dressing or oil-based?

OK, so which dressing are you putting on your salad today?

Where do you normally eat your salad?

Do you cut your lettuce with a fork and knife to make it more manageable to eat?

How long do you want your salad to keep you full for?

What do you like your salad to dressing ratio to be?

Would you share your salad with anyone?

Where do you normally shop for your salad ingredients?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen someone put on a salad?

We almost forgot the cheese! Which cheese is adding that creamy finish to your salad?

Would you/did you eat salads at lunch in high school?

How much would you pay for a salad?

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