Build a Dream Team of Historical Figures and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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Have you ever played that game where you decide who in history you'd like to meet for dinner, maybe who you'd fight, maybe who you'd ... you know. 

There have been so many incredible people in the history of the world who literally changed the world. Imagine what life would be like if there had been no William Shakespeare. No Julius Caesar. No Ghengis Khan. No Abraham Lincoln! The path each of these people traveled made massive ripples through time, and it's the same for many, many others.

While most of us are not history-making people who will alter the world for better or worse, someone is out there working on it. So what if you could meet those people? Who would you choose if you had to assemble a team of the best of the best throughout time? What historical figures would you feel like putting on your Bucket List of History that you'd want in your corner, no matter what? 

So many to choose from! Your choices could be based on any number of factors, from how you were educated to where you were raised, and, of course, how old you are. Think we can guess your age, based on your choices? Let's see!

For entertainment, you need a writer of epic proportions. Who will you choose?

Recent history is still history. What legendary film director are you recruiting?

Which of the Founding Fathers speaks to you the most?

The civil rights movement is still going on to this day, following some historical figures who made amazing strides. Who would you add to your team?

Imagine the world back when it was still being mapped. Which famous explorer do you want at your side?

Let's head to the Wild West, when America was a little rougher around the edges. What famous figure would you want to meet?

Some of the most important figures in history were inventors. Which one is most worth your time?

You're going to need to keep your team entertained. How about some music? Pick a famous composer!

Someone should probably record what happens with your team; maybe turn it into a play. Know any good playwrights?

History is overflowing with amazing art. Which painter would you most want to see another masterpiece from?

There's a distinct lack of poets these days, but there were many in the past. Who had the best way with words?

You can still take philosophy in school, even though the world doesn't have many career opportunities for philosophers. Pick a philosopher!

Let's delve into the mind a little. Can you pick out a famous psychologist from history?

If you really want to get thinking, then you need one of history's greatest minds. Which scientist will you choose?

Women haven't gotten nearly enough credit for their contributions throughout history. Who would you like to meet the most?

America has had 45 presidents, most of whom are no longer with us. Which one do you want to meet?

The religions of the world have profoundly impacted culture for thousands of years. Which religious figure would you want to meet the most?

Which world leader from the past does your crew need?

Never underestimate the power of sports. Which athlete do you need on your side?

We need some more modern music in here. Which great musician do you plan to enlist?

Life gets a little intense sometimes — you need someone who can lighten things up. How about a comedian?

Entrepreneurs are hard to figure out sometimes, but there have been some historic ones. Which will you recruit?

The history of the world includes a lot of war. What famous military mind do you want to know better?

You know who doesn't get enough credit? Engineers. Which one do you need on your team?

Some people make their name by going to extremes. Which revolutionary do you want to meet?

Even though monarchs have lost most of their influence in the modern world, many throughout history were greatly influential. Which would you want to meet?

When it comes to horror movies, there are a few standout directors in the genre. Pick the best one!

How are your dance moves? Do you need to get better acquainted with one of history's greatest dancers?

The Nobel Peace Prize is a pretty big deal. Which winner do you want to meet?

No categories here. Which one person in all of history do you want to include on your team?

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