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Popeye Doyle and Cloudy Russo sure know their way around the seamy side of Brooklyn. The Academy Award-winning film, "The French Connection," follows their attempt to shut down a heroin deal that stretches from France to New York. This quiz will test your knowledge of this 1971 classic.

In what city does the film open?

The movie opens in the port city of Marseille, France, where a detective is following someone suspected of being involved in a drug deal. It isn't long before the detective bites the dust.


After hitman, Nicoli, kills the detective, what does he do?

The policeman has bought a loaf of bread as he is tracking the movements of Alain Charnier through the streets of Marseille. After shooting him, Nicoli casually breaks off a piece of the baguette and eats it.


How does Russo disguise himself when he and Doyle are undercover on a Brooklyn street?

As they are observing the scene, looking out for drug dealers, Russo and Doyle try to avoid detection. Russo poses as a vendor with a hot dog cart and Doyle wears a Santa costume.


How does Russo get injured in his confrontation with a drug dealer?

As he and Doyle are tussling with a guy they're trying to take down, the dealer pulls out a knife and cuts Russo's arm. That doesn't help his cause much with the two tough detectives.


Where are Russo and Doyle when they first see Sal Boca associating with a group of nefarious characters?

The two detectives go out to unwind after a hard day and find themselves in a nightclub. While drinking at the bar, they spot Boca and his wife sitting with a group of mobsters, drawing their attention and suspicion.


After tailing Boca and his wife all night, what do the detectives witness the pair doing?

The detectives follow the Bocas all night and are beginning to think nothing will happen. The they turn down a small street, take a briefcase into an unmarked building, and drive away in a different car without the briefcase.


What unusual delivery arrives at the Bocas small deli?

The detectives are puzzled when they observe a large stack of newspapers arriving at the deli. They then watch as Boca and his wife go through the papers, opening each one and taking something out.


Why does Charnier choose Henri Devereaux to participate in his heroin smuggling scheme?

Henri Devereaux is a television celebrity who is easily recognized, therefore would not be suspected of committing a criminal act. He also needs money badly, so it is difficult for him to turn away Charnier's generous offer, even though he is skeptical.


How do Doyle and Russo detain drug suspects when they capture them in bars?

Russo and Doyle have a unique method of making sure their detainees don't get away as they're dealing with other patrons and suspects. They trap them in a phone booth until they're ready to haul them off.


Why does their captain not want to let Doyle and Russo follow up on the case they've discovered?

Even though Russo and Doyle have been the ones to find the potential smuggling operation, their captain prefers to assign the case to another detective. Cloudy and Popeye have a high arrest rate, but it strictly involves lower level street dealers and he is not sure they could handle a case of this caliber.


Where does Charnier get the car he plans to use for the drug operation?

After arriving in the United States, Charnier goes to an automobile auction. There he picks out a car into which he plans to stash the heroin he has come to sell. The irony? It's an auction run by the police to sell cars they have acquired through criminal investigations.


How do the detectives make the connection between Sal Boca and Charnier's heroin operation?

After being cleared to continue the investigation, along with fellow detective Mulderig, Cloudy and Popeye arrange for Boca's phones to be wiretapped. They continue with other forms of investigation, but the wiretaps are the primary source for learning more about what is transpiring.


As the detectives are following him through New York, how does Boca escape from their tail?

The detectives tail Boca and think they have successfully avoided his notice. However, when crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, the traffic becomes so heavy, he gets ahead of them and they lose him.


What is Popeye Doyle's signature piece of clothing?

Popeye keeps his head warm and his look sharp with a signature pork pie hat. The use of it in the film is often credited with a resurgence in popularity for this style of hat.


How much money is Sal promised for his participation in the heroin deal?

Sal's take for helping facilitate the heroin deal is to be $500,000. Not a bad payday for a small-time crook who runs a lunch counter.


When he follows him into the hotel, how does Popeye know Charnier has recognized that he is being followed?

Popeye watches Charnier get into the hotel elevator and then observes as it stops on the sixth floor. However, when he questions the desk clerk, he learns that Charnier's room is really on the fourth floor, so he realizes he's been made.


How does Charnier escape from Doyle on the street?

Doyle is tailing Charnier, who clearly knows he is being followed and goes into a small shop, pretending to look at the merchandise. Doyle is standing across the street and his view is temporarily blocked by a bus that has stopped in front of the store. When the bus moves, Charnier has disappeared.


Where does Charnier finally succeed in ditching Doyle's tail?

After tailing him for some time, Doyle eventually follows Charnier into a subway station. Without drawing much attention from others, Charnier leads Doyle on a wild goose chase, ducking in and out of trains until he finally escapes. Doyle, who is on a different train, helplessly watches as his quest waves goodbye.


To escape notice of the New York police, where does Charnier ask Boca to meet him?

Tiring of the constant surveillance from Doyle and Russo, Charnier realizes he need another location at which to meet with Boca to finalize their plans. He arranges for Boca to fly to D.C., where they are able to conduct their business without being watched.


Why does the captain take Russo and Doyle off the case?

Although they have been working diligently, Charnier is clever and, after two months, the detectives have nothing to show for their efforts. Losing patience, the captain tells them they're off the case.


How does Nicoli try to kill Doyle?

Doyle and Russo quickly become involved in the case again when someone fires at Doyle from the rooftop of a nearby building. Doyle escapes injury, but only narrowly.


In the movie's iconic chase scene, how does Doyle pursue Nicoli after the hitman gets onto a train?

Doyle is not about to give up when Nicoli jumps onto a train to escape. He quickly commandeers a car belonging to a private citizen and begins the famous chase scene under the elevated train tracks.


Why can't Doyle catch up with the train when it stops at the next station?

As the train is speeding along, Nicoli makes his way to the cab. He then holds the conductor at gunpoint, forcing him to continue through the next station without stopping.


What happens when Popeye finally catches up with Nicoli?

Nicoli is injured after the train slams to a halt and he is thrown against the glass, but nevertheless he manages one final escape attempt. Popeye is hot on his trail though, and as Nicoli runs up the stairs of the train station, Doyle kills him with one shot to the back.


After the detectives spend hours staking out Devereaux's Lincoln in which they think the drugs are hidden, what goes wrong?

The detectives are more than frustrated when a group of car thieves appear, attracted by the expensive car parked in a seemingly deserted street. They have no idea they've just walked into a police stakeout.


After finding no evidence of drugs in the car at first, how does Russo realize they must be there after all?

Everyone is frustrated when the mechanics at the police garage are unable to find any evidence of drugs after seemingly tearing the entire car apart. As they are about the give up, Russo asks to see the shipping papers for the car and then asks how much it currently weighs. When there is a discrepancy of 120 pounds, they realize they need to keep looking.


Where do the mechanics eventually find the drugs?

Realizing the drugs must be in the car somewhere, the mechanics finally remove the rocker panels on the sides of the Lincoln. Bingo! There are several plastic packages filled with heroin, so they carefully put the car back together with the drugs still inside and return the car to Devereaux, who has been waiting at the impound lot for the return of his property.


Why does Devereaux leave before the sale is completed?

Devereaux is deeply shaken by having the car impounded, even though the police gave him a cover story that seemed plausible. However, he realizes that his has gotten in over his head and walks away after delivering the Lincoln to Charnier.


Where does Charnier meet his buyers?

After retrieving the Lincoln, Charnier and Sal drive to a secluded area where an old abandoned factory is located. There they meet with Weinstock and his colleagues to deliver the heroin and collect their money.


Where does Charnier put the cash after the drug transaction is complete?

The transaction goes as planned, and after the drugs are removed from the Lincoln's rocker panels, Charnier puts the cash into the rocker panels of a second car he also purchased at the police auction.


Who is Lou?

Lou Boca is Sal's cousin. While not as savvy as Sal, he's got enough know-how to be helpful in the drug deal. He chooses the cars at the police auction and makes other arrangements to help the operation run smoothly.


How is Sal Boca killed?

As the police arrive at the scene of the drug deal, chaos ensues. As Sal tries to escape on foot, Cloudy shoots and kills him.


What is the detectives' nickname for Charnier?

Frog has long been a derogatory nickname for French people. Even before they know his name, the detectives realize that Charnier seems to be the leader of the operation, so they deem him Frog 1.


What happens to Charnier?

During the police raid, Charnier runs into the abandoned building and Popeye pursues him. Thinking he has him cornered, Popeye shoots but instead kills a fellow detective. Although another shot is heard as the film ends, the closing title cards tell viewers that Charnier escaped and was never caught.


What happens to Doyle and Russo after the operation ends?

Although the movie ends with the raid, the director provides title cards to provide information about what transpired afterward. Viewers learn that both detectives were taken from narcotics and reassigned elsewhere in the department, but no further details are given.


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