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The popular game show called "Double Dare" dared kids to participate and be as wacky as they could get. Reminisce about this popular TV show with this awesome and zany quiz!

The super-wacky game show, Double Dare, was popularized on which American cable TV network?

The Nickelodeon channel burst into popularity with the release of "Double Dare." The game show put the channel on the map of pop culture.


At the heart of the "Double Dare" game show is a quiz show. What kinds of questions are the contestants asked?

The contestants in "Double Dare" had to answer trivia questions. They're mostly fun questions, but many contestants still get stumped.


Any good talk show won’t survive without its equally good host. Who hosted "Double Dare" for the majority of its early runs?

Marc Summers was the undeniable face of "Double Dare." Kids felt comfortable with his happy-go-lucky but authoritative style.


Aside from answering trivia questions, the contestants underwent these activities to win the game. What are these activities?

The teams have to undergo physical challenges sometimes. And for most of them -- and the viewers -- this is what makes "Double Dare" more fun.


In this game show, contestants can turn the tables on one another. When a team can’t answer a trivia question, what can be done?

The team who can't answer a trivia question can dare the other team to answer it for them. In some instances, the dare is called and won.


What happens when a team who is dared can answer the trivia question that the other team can’t answer?

The team who can answer a dare question wins the prize money. And since they were dared, the original prize money doubles.


When the “dared” team can’t answer the question, what can they do to the team who dared them?

The other team can risk being "double dared" back by the team they dared.


What happens when the “double dared” team still can’t answer the question they dared the other team to answer?

The team who can't answer a double dare now has no choice but to take a physical challenge. If brains didn't work, maybe the brawn will.


But when the “double dared” team can answer the trivia question, how much money do they get?

The double dared team could get quadruple the prize money if they give the correct answer the second time around. That's double the single dare. Therefore, double dare is 4x or quadruple the amount of money.


This liquid green substance was sometimes part of the physical challenges in "Double Dare." It later became a staple “entity” in Nickelodeon. What is it?

Slime is the harmless, green material made popular by Nickelodeon. It became a channel staple for them, and a major entity in another show called "You Can't Do That On Television," where contestants were slimed whenever they said "I don't know."


At the opening of each episode, Marc Summers is seen daring the competing teams, and he counts down to start the game show. What does he usually say?

Each episode opens with a teaser where Marc Summers says, “On your mark, get set, go!" The intro music plays as the title card is displayed, and the announcer's voice introduces the show.


How many teams compete in the "Double Dare" during each episode?

There are always two teams competing with each other in every episode. So in a given week, 10 teams compete in the weeklong run of the show.


How many members are on each competing team?

Each competing team has two players, usually a boy and a girl. So there are four contestants per episode.


Aside from the Nickelodeon trademark slime, this common white food topping figures into some of the physical challenges. What is this substance?

Whipped cream in ginormous heaps or servings could be seen within physical challenges in the game. Sometimes it's at the end of a slide or on the seat of a chair.


What happens when the team who does the regular physical challenges completes the challenge successfully?

The team who completes a physical challenge wins the money that's available during that particular time. That team also gets control of the game, and the next round of questions starts with them.


What happens when the team who does the physical challenge fails to complete that challenge?

When a team fails in the physical challenge, the control of the game goes to the other team. They also don't get the prize money at hand.


This other gooey liquid is a staple ingredient in many of the physical challenges. What is it?

Chocolate is a staple liquid used in many physical challenges. It's also sometimes interesting where they put it.


These air-filled objects are also a fun element incorporated in the physical challenges. What is it?

Small, party-type balloons are often used in "Double Dare." The kids just love popping them.


How many rounds does each episode usually have?

There are only two rounds in the game. They form segment one and segment two of the show.


While the show encourages messy play with children or teens, the contestants always wear this protective head gear. What is it?

The contestants all wear helmets, similar to bicycle helmets, for safety.


Daily objects or food found in an average kid's life are usually found enlarged in this game show. What giant version of this kind of candy dispenser can be found in the game?

A giant gum ball machine is just one of the many fun items we see in "Double Dare." The gum ball machine, however, is like the size of a mini-building.


In one physical challenge, which part of the human face is grossly enlarged, so contestants can "pick" it?

One very happy-looking nose is part of the "Double Dare" challenges. Contestants have to literally pick it, to get something precious inside the nostril.


After both rounds are over, what’s the next segment of the show?

The winning team advances to the third segment of the show, which is the Obstacle Challenge. This is where the team has to complete around eight small, physical challenges.


This delicious dessert is sometimes a prop applied to structures on the physical challenges, especially during the Obstacle Course portion. What is it?

Ice cream is sometimes not eaten during the show, but is used as a prop instead. It's better to grease something with ice cream rather than, uh, grease.


The majority of the later episodes had the competing teams wearing two different colors to differentiate between them. What are these colors?

Initially, all contestants wore red shirts to play. But later, to distinguish teams, one side wore blue and one wore red shirts.


This popular shoe brand was an official sponsor of the show, and all contestants wore them and brought a free pair home. Which brand is it?

Reebok was a main sponsor of the show. The host and the contestants wore white ones.


During the Obstacle Course, what item should the team get in each part of the obstacle?

Each mini-physical challenge which is part of the Obstacle Course has a flag displayed or hidden within it. It's the duty of each team member to get one, and hand it over to their teammate. The teammate then goes on to the next challenge.


For more protection, the team that undergoes the Obstacle Course also wears a pair of these protective items on their arms. What are they?

All the kids wore elbow pads, similar to what skateboarders wear. It's for added protection.


Just like elbow pads, the Obstacle Course team members also wear a pair of these on their legs. What are they?

Knee pads are also a protective fixture if you're a kid who is into sports. Bikers and skateboarders in the 1980s and 1990s wore these a lot.


"Double Dare" also pays tribute to kids' favorite pets and toys. What giant version of a hamster's toy could be found in the show?

A huge hamster wheel is set up in the game and a contestant will run like a hamster inside of it. As he or she runs, a contraption comes down, lowering the much sought-after flag, which the teammate should snag.


Aside from picking a ginormous nose, contestants also have to go inside one of these enlarged body parts and out of its pair on the opposite side. Which body part is this?

During the Obstacle Course a contestant has to go through one ear and out the other. In between, the contestant gets a flag and some gooey stuff, which is supposed to mimic earwax.


Huge slides in the form of ordinary objects are sometimes featured in the show. What dessert is often seen on the Obstacle Course?

The Sundae Slide is a huge, spiraling slide, with whipped cream placed in strategic parts to hit the slider. The messier it is, the more fun for all!


The popularity of "Double Dare" in the late '80s led to an additional weekend version, but it had a revamp on its name and its messy style. What was its new, messier title?

"Super Sloppy Double Dare" was the weekend edition of the daily-run "Double Dare." As the title suggests, the physical challenges were sloppier than normal.


The beginning of the series was taped in Pennsylvania. Which city did "Double Dare" call home?

The original production of "Double Dare" was taped in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It later moved to Orlando, Florida.


Another version of the show involved not just the kids but also their parents. What was the title of this version?

"Family Double Dare" mainly ran during the early 1990s. But it wasn't so much fun with the adults around.


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