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High school outcast, Napoleon, deals with a misfit family, but manages to make a mark with his friend, Pedro, and finds love with a shy girl named Deb.

What high school does Napoleon attend?

The opening shows what is in his wallet. One item is a school ID card. It is not revealed what grade he is in.


Napoleon rides a bus to school with much younger children. A boy asks, "What are you going to do today, Napoleon?" What is his reply?

Napoleon is the only teenager on the bus and he seems annoyed.


At school, on what subject does Napoleon give a speech?

He talks about Japanese scientists and their mission to "blow Nessie out of the water." He mentions wizards casting protective spells to keep the Loch Ness monster safe.


What activity does Napoleon enjoy during gym class?

Napoleon plays tether ball on different occasions, but he has a hard time finding someone to play with him.


What does Kip, Napoleon's older brother, hope to be?

Kip thinks if he enrolls in martial arts classes, it will prepare him for the cage fighting career. He convinces Napoleon to attend an introductory class with him.


What does Deb sell door to door?

She also tries to sell handmade boondoggle keychains. She feels humiliated by Napoleon and runs away.


What is Napoleon's pet llama's name?

Napoleon feeds it leftovers. The llama is pretty picky about what it eats.


Where is Grandma when Kip and Napoleon are left with Uncle Rico?

Napoleon is shocked to learn from Uncle Rico that grandma had gone away with a boyfriend.


Who runs the martial arts class Kip attends?

Rex Kwon Do is a tough instructor who wears a uniform with an American flag design. He is aggressive and in-your-face.


What kind of bike does Napoleon's friend, Pedro, have?

Napoleon and Pedro make a jump ramp and test out the bike. Napoleon breaks the ramp.


Where does Napoleon live?

Despite being in Idaho, there ARE actually sand dunes there. Napoleon's grandma enjoys some excitement on the dunes.


To what song does Napoleon do an artistic performance with several classmates?i

This shows Napoleon's interest in interpretive dance. He is the only boy in the group.


Who is Lyle?

Lyle is supposed to be watching Napoleon and Kip until Grandma gets back. Uncle Rico comes later when Grandma has an accident.


How does Pedro ask Summer to the dance?

Pedro leaves the cake on her porch. He gets a note back that says, "NO!!"


Napoleon returns Deb's keychains at school. He tells her he needs space in his locker for what?

He brings all of the cases she left on his porch. He doesn't really need the space.


From where is Kip's girlfriend, LaFawnduh?

Kip describes her to Rico as having blonde hair. She is African-American.


To what year does Uncle Rico want to travel back in time?

Rico thinks if the coach had put him in the state finals football game in high school, he would have gone pro and made millions.


What kind of milk does Deb drink?

Napoleon tries to pay her a compliment by telling her she could drink whole milk (implying she's not fat).


What does Pedro suggest to Napoleon to get a date for the dance?

Napoleon draws a picture of Trisha Stevens. It looks distorted, but he says it's the best drawing he's ever done.


What is Napoleon's favorite animal?

Napoleon explains to Deb that it's a lion and tiger. He shows her the drawing he's done.


What business venture do Kip and Uncle Rico embark on together?

They are trying to raise money to buy a time machine. They split up to cover more territory.


Where does Napoleon get a job?

He does dirty work but gets paid about a dollar an hour in change. He is served raw eggs in a pitcher and sandwiches with flies on them.


How does Napoleon get to the school dance?

Uncle Rico takes him to a client's house and never comes out again. Napoleon starts walking down the road when he is picked up by Pedro's cousins.


Napoleon dances with Deb. What is the song they dance to?

Trisha abandons Napoleon and leaves with her friends. Pedro feels bad so he lets Napoleon dance with his date.


Napoleon tells Pedro he has skills to be class president. Which skill does he NOT say he has?

Pedro has to compete with Summer for president. Napoleon and Deb help him. Napoleon makes flyers and Deb gives him a hairpiece.


What gift does LaFawnduh bring for Kip?

LaFawnduh helps Kip create a whole new look, complete with dew rag.


What does the sign on Napoleon's bedroom door say?

The door is open a crack when he practices his dance moves.


Uncle Rico gives up on the plastic bowl venture. What new product does he try to sell?

He tells Trisha to give the flyers to her mom. It becomes an embarrassment to Napoleon at school.


For what does Pedro get in trouble at school?

Pedro doesn't realize he's doing anything wrong. He says it's common in Mexico.


What does LaFawnduh give Napoleon?

She sees he's been practicing a dance so she lends him her cousin's tape. He takes it.


Why does Deb get mad at Napoleon?

When Napoleon calls Pedro for some advice, he suggests Napoleon give her something. He says all he has is fish.


Why is Uncle Rico beat up?

Rico holds cooking pots in front of Starla and tell her she could have "those." Starla looks like she takes steroids.


How does Napoleon win the class presidency for Pedro?

Napoleon gets a standing ovation. Deb is the first to stand.


What are the last lines of the movie?

Napoleon says this to Deb who meets him on the playground. She agrees to a game of tetherball.


The opening shows credits on plates of food. Which is not featured?

The food items are significant to different scenes in the movie. Napoleon is fond of tater tots.


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