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The Marx Brothers are one of the greatest comedy teams of all times. So what do you remember about the Marx Brothers? Take this quiz and find out!

Name the regal grande dame regularly played opposite Groucho in Marx Brothers movies.

Her parents knew her as Daisy Juliette Baker, but the rest of us knew her as Margaret Dumont.


What future TV star appeared with the Marx Brothers in Room Service?

Yep. It was America's favorite redhead—Lucille Ball.


Name the Marx Brother from the original act who wasn’t in any of the movies.

Milton "Gummo" Marx was a successful businessman and show business agent after leaving his performing career.


What was Groucho’s name in Horse Feathers?

Professor Wagstaff will always be remembered for singing, "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It."


What was Groucho’s name in A Night at the Opera?

Think back and listen for Mrs. Claypool's request to page, "Mis-TAH Otis Peee Driftwood."


What musical instrument did Groucho play?

Apparently, Groucho once invited guitar virtuoso Andre Segovia to dinner in hope of some guitar tips.


Name the Marx Brothers’ mother.

In "A Night at the Opera," a lady in the state room scene asks if her Aunt Minnie is in the room—a nod to Mother Marx.


What TV gameshow did Groucho host?

Remember the great consolation question from You Bet Your Life: "Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?"


Name The Four Marx Brothers from oldest to youngest.

Chico (1887), Harpo (1888), Groucho (1890), Zeppo (1901).


Zeppo Marx was an inventor with his own company. Can you name it?

That leaves, Marman Products Company, Inc. ; )


Name the Marx Brothers’ father.

How do we know this? Because the lady from question #4 was married to a guy named Sam.


What other instruments did Harpo play?

According to his official family website, it was clarinet, harmonica and piano.


What was Groucho’s real name?

Julius Henry Marx was born to be Groucho.


What was Chico’s real name?

Not much to explain. His name was Leonard.


What was Harpo’s real name?

Well...he changed it to Arthur...from Adolph—you can probably guess why.


What was Zeppo’s real name?

What other answer is there except that his mother called him, "Herbert."


What show made the Marx Brothers a hit on Broadway?

In 1924, "I'll Say She Is," by Will and Tom Johnstone, lit the fire under the Marx Brothers' rise to fame.


What was the Marx Brothers’ first feature film?

Before it was a movie, The Cocoanuts was a Marx Brothers stage hit by George S. Kaufman and Irving Berlin.


In The Big Store, what was the name of the store?

It's Phelps. Like Jim Phelps. Get it? Pretty clever, huh?


Name the tiny country that is the setting for Duck Soup.

Remember them singing? "Hail, hail Freedonia!"


Name the college at the center of the plot in Horse Feathers.

And the president of Huxley College was one Quincy Adams Wagstaff, a.k.a.—Groucho.


In Animal Crackers, Captain Jeffrey T. Spalding says the “T” stands for what?

The captain was very nice about it when people guessed wrong.


In Monkey Business, the brothers had no names. What were they called?

What else do you call a bunch of stowaways?


What was the name of the racehorse the brothers helped in A Day at the Races?

Hi-Hat emerged the winner after a tough race!


What famous song did Groucho sing in At the Circus?

Really. Which one of those songs belongs in a circus movie?


Which Hollywood bombshell made her first, albeit brief, big screen appearance in the Marx Brothers Love Happy?

The beautiful Norma Jeane Mortenson, also known as Marilyn Monroe, was the lady of that particular moment.


The plot of Go West includes the deed to some property. What was the property called?

Dead Man's Gulch didn't have any gold, but the railroad rights could make the owner rich!


Which Marx Brother appeared on I Love Lucy?

While the Riccardos and the Mertzes were in Hollywood, Harpo stopped by for a little hilarity.


The Marx Brothers’ father, Sam, was known by a nickname. What was it?

Sam was called "Frenchie" because he was born in the Alsace region of France.


What what future jazz-singing star started out with the Chico Marx Orchestra?

Mel Tormé was with the Chico Marx Orchestra during the early 1940s.


Harpo inspired a character in the play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Name that character.

George S. Kaufman, co-author of the play, collaborated on the Marx Brothers' hits, "The Cocoanuts" and "Animal Crackers" no wonder he thought of Harpo!


What New York City neighborhood did the Marx Brothers grow up in?

Carnegie Hill is an upper east side neighborhood and home to a street called "Marx Brothers Place."


The Cocoanuts featured songs by which incredibly famous songwriter?

Just check the credits and you'll see the one and only Irving Berlin!


Which opera is being performed in the final scenes of A Night at the Opera?

Trust us. It's "Il trovatore."


When he appeared on I Love Lucy, what song did Harpo play?

When asked what he was going to play for Ethel Mertz and Carolyn Appleby, Harpo whistles a little, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and then plays a fantastic rendition.


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