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Iconic music, lavish costumes, spectacular dance scenes -- "Hello, Dolly!" has all the hallmarks of a major Hollywood musical, the kind we don't see much of anymore. How much do you remember about it?

What does Dolly Levi do for a living?

The flamboyant Dolly Levi primarily is a matchmaker, helping the good people of New York City and its environs find just the right person, but she has a lot of sidelines as well. She touts her abilities to do pretty much anything anyone needs done.


What is the film's opening song?

The film opens with "Just Leave Everything to Me" as Dolly goes through the streets of New York passing out her business cards. She says she can get your roof inspected, eyebrows tweezed or bills collected, among other rhyming chores.


Where does Horace Vandergelder live?

Horace is a "half-millionaire" who lives in Yonkers, New York. It's a town on the Hudson River, a short train ride from the city.


Why has Horace asked Dolly to take Ermengarde to New York?

Horace is unhappy about his niece's relationship with Ambrose Kemper and is determined to end it. He thinks that if Dolly takes Ermengarde into the city for a while, she will forget about Ambrose.


Why does Horace object to Ermengarde marrying Ambrose?

Horace's primary interest is making and hoarding money, so he wants his niece to marry someone who is financially successful. As an artist, Ambrose doesn't earn a lot, so Horace thinks he is not good enough for Ermengarde.


Why does Horace want to get married?

Horace makes no pretense about wanting a woman to run his household and take care of him. In the song "It Takes a Woman," he outlines tasks including shoeing his horse, cleaning the stable and setting mouse traps.


What is the name of Horace's business?

Horace owns Vandergelder's Hay and Feed. He sells everything one could want to maintain animals.


What are Ambrose and Ermengarde doing when Dolly arrives at the Vandergelder house?

When Dolly arrives, she finds Ambrose on a ladder trying to convince Ermengarde to elope with him. She wants to marry him, but not like that.


What is Dolly's solution for helping Ermengarde and Ambrose work out their situation?

Dolly promises to help Ambrose and Ermengarde convince Horace to sanction their relationship, but her suggestion seems odd. She wants them to go to New York and enter a polka contest that night, but she doesn't explain how this will solve their problem.


How do Cornelius and Barnaby scheme to get away from the store and go to New York?

Barnaby and Cornelius want to get away, but they can't leave the store. Their solution is to light candles to create heat in the storage room, causing cans of chicken mash to explode and leave a foul odor. This will make it impossible for customers to enter for 24 hours or so.


What is the main thing Barnaby and Cornelius want to do in New York?

Neither Cornelius nor Barnaby has ever been to New York, so there is a lot to see. They have a number of things they hope to do, but number one on the list is to kiss a girl.


What does Irene Malloy do for a living?

Irene owns a hat shop in Manhattan, but she isn't happy about it. She tells Minnie, her assistant, that people think someone in her business is not a proper woman, which is why she is considering marrying Horace.


What is the name of Dolly's late husband?

Dolly's late husband is Ephrain Levi. She often quotes his wise expressions.


What lie does Dolly tell Irene about Cornelius?

Dolly puts Cornelius on the spot by claiming he is fabulously wealthy and influential. She weaves a tale about all the time he spends in New York hanging out with the rich and famous, and he has little choice but to go along.


When Horace arrives to see Irene, he brings a gift. What is it?

Horace brings Irene a box of candy. He tells her it is chocolate-covered peanuts with the shells still on. How does that work?


What is the name of Dolly's favorite restaurant?

Dolly sets up her scheme to take place at the Hormonia Gardens, an elegant restaurant she used to frequent with her late husband. She says that even when times were tough, they managed to go there every week.


While Horace and Dolly are in Irene's shop, why does Minnie suddenly scream?

When Horace approaches, Barnaby and Cornelius hide immediately. Barnaby manages to stay out of sight under the table, but Minnie opens the armoire and screams when she finds Cornelius inside, raising Horace's suspicions that something is amiss.


Why does Horace say he is going to march in the 14th Street Parade?

Horace storms out of the shop, saying he is off to march in the 14th Street Parade. He's excited about it because he will be surrounded by people he can trust -- 700 men.


What is Cornelius's excuse for not wanting to go to the restaurant with Irene, Barnaby and Minnie?

Cornelius is intimidated when Dolly tells him there will be dancing at the restaurant. He says he can't dance, but Dolly teaches him, resulting in the musical number "Dancing."


When Dolly sits in the park, with whom does she speak?

Dolly sits alone and speaks to her late husband. She asks him to let her go so she will feel free to marry and begin living again.


How does Cornelius get out of paying for a taxi to the restaurant?

Having only a few cents left, Cornelius can't afford to take Irene and Minnie in a taxi or even a streetcar. He covers by telling them that it's now considered more elegant to walk.


What does Dolly sing as she prepares for her evening out?

As Dolly gets ready to go out, she sings "Love is Only Love." The song is about the fact that love doesn't have to be shooting stars and bells in order to be meaningful.


Who is Ernestina Semple?

Dolly talks her friend Gussie into posing as Ernestina Semple, an heiress who might be a good match for Horace. This is part of her ploy to get Horace to the restaurant that night.


Why does the kitchen staff at the restaurant get so excited?

Dolly was very popular when she used to come to the restaurant regularly with her husband. Everyone knows and loves her, so the kitchen staff breaks into dance when they learn she is returning that night after a long absence.


When Irene and Minnie order expensive meals, for what does Ambrose ask the waiter?

Ambrose knows he can't pay, but he's helpless when the women order expensive meals and champagne. When the waiter asks for his order, Ambrose asks for six months off for good behavior.


Among these characters, who does NOT sing "Hello, Dolly?"

The film's title song is sung by Dolly and the waiters at first. Later Louis Armstrong, who portrays the orchestra leader, joins in as well.


How does Dolly get Horace flustered while they are eating dinner?

When Horace remarks that she would be difficult to live with, Dolly takes the ball and runs with it, implying that he has expressed an interest in marrying her and explaining all the reasons she won't do that. Needless to say, he's baffled.


Why do Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby and Minnie enter the dance contest?

They are trying to figure out how to get out of their bill when they hear the dance contest announced. They aren't interested until they learn that the prize is 50 silver dollars, which would solve all their problems.


Who pays the bill for Cornelius's group's dinner?

The issue of paying the bill is still unresolved when Horace spots Cornelius, Barnaby and Ermengarde on the dance floor. Chaos ensues and in the confusion, everyone leaves the restaurant without paying.


What does Irene offer to do to help Cornelius and Barnaby get their jobs back?

Irene feels badly about how things turned out for Barnaby and Cornelius after Horace fires them, so she offers a solution. If she marries Horace, she can ensure that they'll get their jobs back.


What song does Cornelius sing to Irene when he confesses his love for her?

As they talk in the park, Cornelius tells Irene that he is in love with her even though they have just met. He says it took less than a day, an hour or even a minute to fall for her -- it only took a moment.


Why do Cornelius and Barnaby come to see Horace?

The morning after their evening in New York, Cornelius and Barnaby appear at the store, along with Irene and Minnie. They want the money Horace owes them so they can open a competing business across the street. Adding insult to injury, Ermengarde also wants the money her parents left to her.


Dolly finally gets a sign from her late husband that it's OK to marry Horace. What is the sign?

Dolly has been waiting for a sign and she gets it when Horace says the same words her husband used about the value of money -- "Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread about, encouraging young things to grow."


Where does the last scene of the movie take place?

The film's last scene is a huge song and dance number that takes place on a large lawn on the Hudson River. It culminates with Dolly and Horace entering a picturesque church to get married.


Which of the following songs is not included in the movie's final scene?

The last scene includes several songs that have been featured earlier. However, it doesn't include the title tune.


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