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Formula One is an elite motorsport that people all over the world follow closely. It's been in existence for decades, boasting the latest in technological developments and car designs. Even from its inception, F1 cars have gone faster, accelerated quicker, stopped in less time, and cornered with greater force than other race vehicles.

Many people consider F1 racing to be the definite motorsport. They claim the drivers must be of superior skill, versus drivers in NASCAR, rally racing, etc. This is a topic of great debate, but the numbers and statistics seem to back up this point of view. That being said, even a number of diehard F1 fans have become disenchanted by what they say is a lack of fierce competition in the sport for the last several years. Photo finishes, last-minute thrilling passes through turns, and other elements that used to make the races exciting to watch are pretty much a thing of the past.

Still, Formula One continues to look ahead, pushing the latest tech like hybrid powertrains and safety halos. Just how much do you know about what's going now on in the sport, as well as its rich history? Test your knowledge now by taking this quiz!

What's the sanctioning body for Formula One?

FIA, or the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, was formed in 1904 as a way to advocate for automotive organizations and drivers. At the time, cars weren't very common, so the mission of FIA eventually shifted more towards governing motorsports, including Formula One racing.


What does the "formula" mean in Formula One racing?

With F1 racing, teams must follow very specific rules about how a car can be built, otherwise they'll be disqualified from competition. The term "formula" is a fancy way of referring to these extensive regulations.


What special thing do race organizers do with manhole covers for the Monaco Grand Prix?

Technically speaking, F1 cars generate enough downforce that they could drive upside down. That's enough pressure to lift manhole covers right out of the road, so organizers at Monaco weld them down to prevent a serious accident.


In what year was the first Formula One race held?

Even though the idea for Formula One came about in the 1930s, WWII pushed it out of consideration. The first championship race was held at Silverstone, but the first race in F1 history took place about a month earlier in Pau.


What does FIA require for F1 cars' undertrays?

It wasn't always the case, but FIA now heavily regulates ground effect aero on cars. Among the regulations is this requirement for the undertray, which also must be a certain thickness.


How many Formula One championships has Michael Schumacher won?

Schumacher still holds the record for the most F1 championships, having claimed that top spot as a driver in 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.


What kind of license must F1 drivers hold?

Under FIA regulation, a driver who competes in Formula One events must hold a Super License, which is issued by FIA. That means not just any racer can just jump into F1 competitions.


Who is the only woman to have scored in a Formula One race?

Maria Grazia "Lella" Lombardi, a female race car driver from Italy, was in the Formula One World Championship Grand Prix in 1974. She scored half a point in competition, a feat no other woman has duplicated.


What maximum temperature can a driver's clothes endure?

Because a driver's overall is made of Nomex fiber, it's designed to withstand the intense heat that can come with a crash, which is about the temperature of a house fire. The overall and the helmet can deal with that temperature for 11 seconds.


What kinds of jacks can pit crews use?

For a competition that's so technologically advanced, it's interesting that only manual jacks can be used in the pits. A quick release mechanism helps shave precious milliseconds from the pit time.


What lighting element at the Monaco Grand Prix provides a unique challenge for drivers?

Many drivers agree that this circuit is one of the most challenging out there, thanks to the many tight corners, quick elevation changes, and the fact it's easy to be blinded when leaving the tunnel portion.


Who or what is the owner of F1?

Sure, Formula One Group isn't really a creative name at all, but it gets across the point that the organization owns and manages Formula One races, etc. The group has a CEO, but he's not the owner of the organization.


For the 2017 season, which team won the constructor championship?

With 668 points, Mercedes was able to soundly beat out Ferrari, which came in second place with 522 points. Competition among the ten teams is always intense.


What was the 1955 Le Mans Disaster?

A crash during the endurance race sent Pierre Levegh's Mercedes car into the grandstand at the pit lane. A total of 82 people were killed, most decapitated by the impact. Many more were injured, making it the worst incident in F1 history.


How many turns at the Bahrain International Circuit are named?

Organizers of the Bahrain Gran Prix decided to name the first turn in the track after former driver Michael Schumacher, after he was in a skiing accident that left him in a coma.


Who is the official tire supplier for Formula One?

F1 regulations require all teams to use only tires supplied by Pirelli, which offers seven specifications of tires for dry conditions. Each type has a different color on the sidewall, and teams can only have access to three of them during each race, which they select in advance.


When did Formula One switch to hybrid engines?

When Formula One switched to hybrid engines, it was quite the controversy. Some loudly declared it would be the end of the sport, while others heralded the shift as a sign of how vehicle tech is changing.


What was the most crowded Formula One race to date?

With 34 cars lined up at the beginning, no F1 race before or since has been nearly as crowded. The race was held at the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife, so at least there was room for the cars to spread out.


What important geographical first did the first Formula One championship race mark?

Up until this championship race, which took place at Silverstone in the U.K., all F1 races had been in Italy or France. Plenty of other oddities were involved, like a Swiss baron and Thai prince checking in as drivers.


If a driver leaves a car during a race for any reason, what must he do before entering it again?

Weight is a big deal in Formula One, because the drivers and cars are subjected to stringent weight requirements. After a race, the classified finishers are weighed again, just to be on the safe side.


What was the predecessor to Formula One?

Arguably, there are a few racing series that could be considered "predecessors" to F1, although most agree the European Grand Prix was the most like it. It was active in the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s, but WWII put an end to competition.


In what country is the Marina Bay Street Circuit located?

This circuit literally travels on the streets around the Marina Bay. Among the unique elements are almost 1,500 light projectors for nighttime racing conditions. The circuit is a little over three miles long.


Which was the first team to use an aluminum monocoque chassis in Formula One competition?

In 1962, Lotus created the 25, a revolutionary racecar that had a monocoque chassis made of folded sheets of aluminum. The design was exceptionally strong and lightweight, allowing Jim Clark to rack up 14 wins from behind the wheel.


When was turbocharging first introduced into Formula One?

Renault decided that forced induction was the way to get an edge in competition, although the tech resulted in many problems. Honda and Porsche helped McLaren perfect the design, which led to many victories for the McLaren team.


What role did Bernie Ecclestone have in Formula One?

Ecclestone is a wealthy British businessman who was able to climb to the top management position in the Formula One Group. His tenure saw many controversies, which increasingly focused on his personal and business integrity


Which circuit is the shortest in Formula One?

At just over two miles or 3,337 km, the Monaco Grand Prix has the shortest lap in all of F1. Drivers must go around all those tight turns and deal with the sudden elevation climbs and drops 78 grueling times.


How many races are scheduled for the 2018 Formula One season?

The first race of the season was the Australian Grand Prix on March 25. The other locations are spread around the globe, including a race at the Circuit of Americas on October 21. The final race is set for Abu Dhabi on November 25.


What team landed the first sponsorship in Formula One?

In 1968 Lotus found a creative way to fund the expense of racing in Formula One. It sold advertising space on its cars to Imperial Tobacco, a move other teams copied to help with their finances.


Which of the following isn't a driving aid banned in Formula One in 2008?

To keep the competition exciting and force drivers to rely more on their skill, FIA decided to ban traction control, electronic engine braking, and variable differential locking for the 2008 season, joining a growing list of banned technologies.


Which of the following isn't a current Formula One engine supplier?

Even though Formula One is a global sport, Americans don't participate in it much, although Haas is from America. Most engine suppliers are from Europe, with Honda being an outlier.


How many championships are there each season?

Each year, Formula One holds a championship for drivers, as well as a separate one for constructors. It's a way for both groups to shine in their unique ways.


When was the first Constructors' Championship held?

Vanwall from the U.K. won the first Constructors' Championship with drivers Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks. Cooper, another British constructor, won the following two years, before Ferrari grabbed the championship in 1961.


Who is the current Formula One Group CEO?

Chase Carey assumed the role in 2017 when embattled CEO Bernie Ecclestone left the position. He is an Irish-American, which Formula One likes to tout since it's an international organization.


Who was the champion driver for the 2017 season?

Lewis Hamilton, a driver from the U.K. who was driving for Mercedes, took the top spot by a commanding amount. So far, he has claimed four championships, and many believe he might pass Schumacher's record.


What was the location of the first Formula One championship race?

Silverstone hosted this momentous occasion, where Nino Farina, a driver from Turin, Italy, claimed victory. Known for his brash, reckless driving style, he excelled past other drivers who had more raw talent. That character trait might have contributed to his death in a car crash in 1966.


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