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Do you know everything about Dexter's Laboratory? Take this quiz to find out!

What kind of suit does Dexter wear?

Dexter wears a lab outfit to fit perfectly with his persona.


Where is Dexter's secret Laboratory hidden?

Dexter's lab is hidden behind his bookcase. Taking a book off of the shelf can open the door to his laboratory!


What is the name of Dexter's sister?

Dexter's sister is named Dee Dee.


What kind of pet does Dexter have in his laboratory?

Dexter's pet is a monkey. He keeps him in his laboratory.


Who doesn't know about Dexter's Laboratory?

Dexter's parents don't know about his secret lab. Dee Dee only found out when she was playing in Dexter's room and took a book from his bookshelf.


What is unique about Dexter's monkey?

Dexter's monkey has superpowers and helps to save people when Dexter isn't around.


Who are Lee Lee and Mee Mee?

Lee Lee and Mee Mee are Dee Dee's friends.


What is the name of Dexter's rival?

Mandark is Dexter's rival. They fight constantly to prove themselves superior to each other.


What is the name of Dexter's favorite action hero?

Dexter loves Action Hank. He later meets and becomes friends with Action Hank.


What is the name of Mandark's father?

Mandark's father's name is Windbear.


Who always calls on Dexter's monkey for help?

Agent Honeydew always calls Monkey to come and help her.


What color is Dexter's hair?

Dexter's hair is red, just like his mother's.


Why does Dexter have a large head?

Dexter is a genius, and his head is large because of this.


What is Dee Dee's imaginary friend?

Dee Dee's imaginary friend is a dragon. His name is Koosalagoopagoop.


Why is Dexter a his teacher's favorite student?

Dexter is a genius which makes his teachers take a liking to him.


What always happens when Dee Dee is asked to dance?

Dee Dee goes on a dancing rampage wrecking everything around her.


What is the real name of Mandark's sister?

Olga is the real name of Mandark's sister.


Who discovers Dexter's secret laboratory and torments him in there from then on?

Dee Dee finds Dexter's lab and often comes in to bother her brother. Sometimes she ends up breaking some of his inventions.


What color of hair does Dexter's mother have?

Dexter's mother has red hair like her brother.


Besides Action Hank, who else is Dexter a big fan of?

Dexter is a huge fan of Major Glory. He is the leader of The Justice Friends and he can also be found in The Powerpuff Girls.


What does Dexter keep in his lab?

Dexter keeps his inventions inside of his lab, although they still aren't safe from Dee Dee.


Who is Dexter's biggest influence?

Dexter's biggest influence is Albert Einstein.


What is the name of Mandark's mother?

Mandark's mother's name is Oceanbird. She is a hippie that believes that there should be peace and love in the world.


What color is Dee Dee's hair?

Dee Dee's hair is blonde.


What is the name of the TV show that Dee Dee loves?

Dee Dee loves Pony Puff Princess.


What color of hair does Dexter's father have?

Dexter's father has blonde hair.


What is the name of Dee Dee's ex-boyfriend?

Dee Dee's ex-boyfriend is named Beau. He was interested in science much like Dexter.


What is Dee Dee's catchphrase?

Dee Dee's catchphrase is "Ooh, what does this button do?"


What color is Mandark's hair?

Mandark's hair is black.


Which character calls Dexter cute?

Lee Lee calls Dexter cute. Dee Dee and Mee Mee then chant and tease Lee Lee.


What kind of dance does Dee Dee like?

Dee Dee likes ballet.


What is Dexter's mom rarely seen without?

Dexter's mom is rarely seen without her rubber gloves.


What made Dexter's dad marry his mother?

His father says that he married Dexter's mother because of her muffins.


Who in Dexter's family also has a lab?

Dexter's grandfather also has a lab, which isn't as large as Dexter's.


What is the name of Dexter's uncle?

Dexter's uncle is named Fergle.


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