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Are these headlines real? From primetime news to major newspapers, you'd be surprised what kind of headlines have popped up over the years. Can you tell which of these wacky headlines are real and which are bogus? Find out with this quiz!

Real or Fake: Taj Mahal Leans More than the Tower of Pisa.

This is definitely a bogus headline! The Taj Mahal is standing straight!


Real or Fake: Welcome to 'Cat Island,' Where Felines Outnumber Humans.

In April 2017, NBC News reported a story on 'Cat Island.' The island is one of Japan's many islands which is said to have only 22 inhabitants and over 120 cats.


Real or Fake: Easter Bunny Skydives Down the Bunny Trail.

Totally real! In April 2017, a man dressed up as the Easter Bunny was seen skydiving in Calallen, Texas to surprise the kids for Easter.


Real or Fake: Tom and Jerry Poke Around the Stanford University Research Lab.

You definitely won't find Tom and Jerry poking around any research labs. This headline is definitely fake!


Real or Fake: Bride Ditches Wedding for Cameraman.

Totally fake! There's no bride ditching her beau for the cameraman. That would be really awkward!


Real or Fake: 'Spokane Spanker' Targets Gonzaga Students.

NBC News reported the story about a man on a bicycle, targeting female students in Spokane, Washington


Real or Fake: Rat Shuts Down California Class.

Totally true! NBC News reported a story of a rat hanging around a Sacramento high school classroom. It's safe to say some of those kids were happy they got to miss class.


Real or Fake: Man Swallows 10 Water Balloons in County Fair Contest.

Totally false! There's no man winning a water balloon-swallowing contest! If there is, point us in his direction!


Real or Fake: Restaurant Hatches 100-Pound Edible Easter Egg.

YUM! This is a delicious headline! NBC News reported a story where a restaurant in Minnesota created 100-pound egg made of chocolate!


Real or Fake: 'Longboard Jesus' is Campus' Holy Roller.

Holy cow! The University of Akron definitely has someone to talk about. NBC News reported the story in February 2017 of student, Joe Gerin, dressing up as Jesus and riding a longboard around campus.


Real or Fake: Disney Makes Plans to Release Two More Lion King Films.

Don't get your hopes up! This is totally a fake headline. If there are more Lion King films in the making, that's news to us.


Real or Fake: Laughing Cow Cheese Laughed Out of International Cheese Contest.

Although there probably is an international cheese contest somewhere in the world, this headline is totally bogus.


Real or Fake: Snake in a Lobe: Pet Gets Stuck in Woman's Ear Hole.

In February 2017, NBC News reported the story of a pet snake who got stuck in its owner's ear. The woman has large gauges in her ears and her Portland pet got stuck in her lobe.


Real or Fake: Girl Found Living With Monkeys in Indian Forest.

In January 2017, a young girl was found living with monkeys in the Indian Forest. She was believed to be around 10 to 12 years old and was unable to speak.


Real or Fake: Astronaut Offers Students Trip to Space for $1.

Totally bogus! While it would be a great opportunity to take a trip to outer space for $1, you're going to need a lot more training and a LOT more money.


Real or Fake: New York City Attempts Purchase of Eiffel Tower.

This headline is definitely bogus. It's safe to say that the Eiffel Tower will continue to stand tall in the heart of Paris, France.


Real or Fake: Disney's Zenon and Phil of the Future Pair Up for Out of this World Movie.

All you Disney lovers might be disappointed. The boy from the future and the girl from outer space won't be joining forces anytime soon!


Real or Fake: Campus Kitchen Robbed of Food and Replaced with 10,000 Goldfish.

Don't get any ideas. From what we're aware of, no campus kitchen has been stocked with 10,000 goldfish crackers.


Real or Fake: 12-Year-Old Drives 800 Miles Across Australia Before Police Stop Him.

Huffington Post reported the story of a 12-year-old boy who drove 800 miles across Australia. His goal was to drive across the entire country before cops pulled him over.


Real or Fake: Movie Stars Pile Into Clown Car for Cross-Country Trip to Hollywood.

Why take a car when you can hop on a plane? This headline is definitely fake!


Real or Fake: 8-Year-Old Discovers Mistakes in Rosetta Stone.

This headline is definitely fake. The Rosetta Stone is safe, for now!


Real or Fake: 10,000 Bottles of Wine Stolen from California Vineyard.

The wine in California is safe, but let's hope no one gets any ideas!


Real or Fake: Thousands Of Spiders Cover New Zealand Field with Giant Webs.

New Zealand is crawling with spiders. At the Gordon Spratt Reserve in Papamoa, there were thousands of spiders spinning their webs on the grass.


Real or Fake: Google in Talks of Purchasing Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Not true! As of now, Google has no plans to take on the real world by taking over the social media world, but we've got our eyes on them!


Real or Fake: Hungry Birds Sweep the Calaroon Lake Clean of Fish.

Totally fake! For now, the fictional Calaroon Lake and its fish are safe from hungry birds.


Real or Fake: Iceberg Stops by Canadian Town, Just to Chill.

It's a little bit colder in Canada! The citizens of Newfoundland saw an iceberg 'chilling' on their coast!


Real or Fake: Snake With Serious Case of Road Rage Tries to Attack Motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists beware! The Huffington Post reported the story of an angry snake who wasn't feeling the noise from the motorcycle. The reptile is seen jumping at the motorcycle.


Real or Fake: Presumed Blockbuster Hit Flops at $10 at the Box Office.

Thank goodness this headline is bogus! We're sure the cast would make sure their film made more than $10.


Real or Fake: NBC's Cast of "The Office" Signs Up for Movie Deal.

Totally fake! As of now, "The Office" will remain a wonderful TV show, but let us know if this headline becomes the truth!


Real or Fake: 100 Cherry Blossoms Chopped Down Before Festival.

Oh no! Whether you're in DC or NYC, the cherry blossoms are safe, for now!


Real or Fake: Goose Instructs Police Detective to Kindly STEP OFF.

Huffington Post reported the story of a police officer in Indiana who returned to the station to retrieve his keys. But he was thwarted by a goose that wasn't letting him back into the building!


Real or Fake: Hero Squirrel Attempts to Eat Taco Nearly The Size of It's Whole Body.

Animals do the darnedest things! Taco Squirrel is definitely a thing! The animal was photographed sitting in a tree with a huge hardshell taco. Do you think he'll share?


Real or Fake: Bewildered Beaver Becomes Accidental Leader of 150 Cows.

While the beaver probably doesn't know what it's doing, the cows sure do! In Canada, 150 cows were seen herding after a beaver!


Real or Fake: Witches Gather to put Spell on Trump.

In February 2017, NBC News reported a story about witches around the world gathering to put a spell on President Donald Trump.


Real or Fake: Orange-Tinted Alligator Dubbed 'Trumpagator'.

There's an orange alligator roaming around the swamps of South Carolina. The alligator and it's orange body have been compared to that of the president!


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