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We've probably all seen Amanda Bynes on hit Nickelodeon shows like "All That" and "The Amanda Show," but how well do you know her movies? Test your knowledge now!

Which of these was Amanda's first appearance in a movie role?

Amanda Bynes first appeared in the 2002 movie, Big Fat Liar, as Kaylee, the main character's best friend.


Who was Amanda Bynes' co-star in the movie "Big Fat Liar?"

Frankie Muniz was the star of Big Fat Liar, a story about a teenager who has his English essay stolen by a Hollywood producer and turned into a movie.


What movie did Amanda Bynes star as Daphne Reynolds?

In her first movie role as the main actor, Amanda Bynes played Daphne Reynolds in "What a Girl Wants."


In the movie "What a Girl Wants," what city was Daphne from?

Daphne lived with her mother, Libby, above a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, New York.


Daphne flies to which city to meet her father for the first time?

Daphne flies to London to see her father, Lord Henry Dashwood, who is a member of the House of Lords.


What does Daphne's mother do for a living?

Libby Reynolds, Daphne's mother, who is a lead singer, travels with her band to perform at weddings.


What is Daphne and her father's favorite cereal to eat?

Daphne and Henry were both cuckoo for Cocoa Pops, unknowingly meeting for a midnight snack to munch on the chocolatey goodness.


When Daphne and her future boyfriend, Ian (literally) brought the house down at a party, what classic song was the crowd dancing to?

The party was grooving to the 1976 dance classic, "Get Up Offa That Thing" by James Brown. The party was so lively that the chandelier, gifted by Napoleon, came crashing down in the middle of the ballroom.


What university does Daphne end up attending?

Although Daphne was initially set on attending NYU, she mentions in the end of the film that she wasn't accepted to this NYC university and instead will attend Oxford.


Which actress played Daphne's mom, Libby?

Kelly Preston played the role of Libby Reynolds, a strong and free-spirited wedding singer.


In which movie did Amanda Bynes play the role of Jenny Taylor?

Amanda plays Jenny Taylor n the movie, "Love Wrecked," a story about a girl who gets stranded on an island with her celebrity crush.


Jenny Taylor's best friend, Ryan, was played by the actor Jonathan Bennett. What movie is he known for starring in?

Jonathan Bennett is well-known for his role as Aaron Samuels in the 2004 cult classic, Mean Girls alongside Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.


Who does Jenny end up with at the end of the 'Mean Girls'?

Although Jason and his manager, Dan, want to create a fake love story to milk the stranded on an island idea, Jenny end up with her best friend, Ryan.


In which movie does Amanda Bynes play the role of Viola Hastings?

Amanda Bynes stars as Viola Hastings in the movie "She's the Man" where she spends half of the film portraying her brother.


"She the Man" is based on a play by William Shakespeare. What play is it?

"She's the Man" was based on the 1601 play written by Shakespeare featuring the same names as the characters in the film: Viola, Sebastian, Duke, and Olivia.


Who plays Amanda Bynes' love interest in "She's the Man?"

Amanda's love interest is played by Channing Tatum, who starred in other films such as Step Up, Magic Mike, and 21 Jump Street.


What sport does Viola Hastings go undercover as her brother for?

When the girls' soccer team gets cut at her high school, Viola tries to join the boys' team but is denied by the coach. She then goes undercover to take her brother's place on a rival team.


In which movie does Amanda Bynes star alongside John Travolta, Zac Efron, and Queen Latifah?

Amanda Bynes played Penny Pingleton alongside an all-star cast featuring even more celebrities like Christoper Walken, James Marsden, and Michelle Pfeiffer.


What city did the Hairspray movie take place in?

In the opening scene of the movie, Tracy Turnblad, the main protagonist of the film makes her way to school as she sings, "Good Morning, Baltimore."


Penny Pingleton and Tracy Turnblad often watched The Corny Collins Show after school. What actor played Corny Collins?

James Marsden plays the lovable and handsome Corny Collins who is constantly trying to end the segregation on his show. The character is based on Buddy Dean, who hosted a Baltimore teen dance show.


Who plays Tracy Turnblad's love interest in the film, "Hairspray?"

Zac Efron, who is originally with Britney Snow's character, Amber von Tussle, plays Tracy's love interest, Link Larkin.


What is the name of Penny Pingleton's love interest?

Amanda Bynes' character Penny Pingleton, an extremely sheltered girl, falls in love with Seaweed, played by Elijah Kelley.


Which of these actors appeared in the 2007 version of Hairspray as well as in the original 1988 film?

Ricki Lake, who starred as Tracy Turnblad in the original Hairspray film, made a cameo appearance as a talent agent. Jerry Stiller, who played the role of Mr. Pinky in the remake, held the role of Wilbur Turnblad in the original film.


What song is sung by Amanda Bynes, Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, and Elijah Kelley?

Although all these cast members are featured in "You Can't Stop the Beat" with John Travolta and Queen Latifah, these cast mates make the perfect quartet on "Without Love."


In the movie "Sydney White," Amanda Bynes' character was based on what fictional cartoon?

Also known as "Sydney White and the Seven Dorks," the film was clearly based on the Disney classic, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."


What does Sydney go off to college to do in her mother's footsteps?

Trying to fill her late mother's shoes, Sydney goes off to college to pledge for a Kappa Sorority.


What is the last name of Rachel, Sydney's nemesis and the president of the Kappa Sorority?

Rachel Witchburn is not only Sydney's nemesis and president of the Kappa Sorority, but she's also the student council president.


Who is Tyler Prince in the movie "Sydney White?"

Tyler Prince not only serves as Sydney's love interest and Rachel's ex, but he's also the president of a popular fraternity on campus.


What blonde bombshell plays the antagonist, Rachel Witchburn?

Sara Paxton, who played Rachel Witchburn, also starred in the 4th Halloweentown movie as teen witch, Marnie Piper.


What is the name of the place where "the seven dorks" live?

When Sydney initially has to find a date as a part of her sorority's ritual, she initially meets Lenny who lives in the rundown house known as the Vortex.


What does Rachel plan to do to the Vortex?

Rachel has plans to demolish the Vortex so she can build a luxury center for her favorite sororities and fraternities.


How does Sydney plan on taking down Rachel?

After the idea to have Terrence, one of "the seven dorks" run for president fails, Sydney decides to run for student body president against Rachel.


Which of these positions does Rachel still have by the end of "Sydney White?"

At the end of the film, Rachel Witchburn not only loses the election and her ex-boyfriend to Sydney, but her sorority sisters strip away her presidency for her 'wickedness.'


At the end of "Sydney White," how did they all continue to live?

In the last line of th efilm, Sydney narratees that they all went on to live dorkily ever after.


In her last role on film, what movie did Amanda Bynes star in alongside Emma Stone and Penn Badgley?

In her last movie role, Amanda Bynes starred as Marianne Bryant, a prim and strait-laced student who ran her school's conservative church group.


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