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Many people drink beer but don't know the characteristics and history behind this popular beverage. How does your knowledge match up? Test yourself with this trivia quiz!

What type of beer has the highest alcohol content?

Typically stouts contain the highest alcohol content among beers. The range is normally about 5-10%. IPAs follow close behind, with an average of 6-7%.


This flower gives beer its bitter taste.

Hops and other bitter compounds give beer its characteristic bitter taste. A lesser known fact is that the hops also have historical importance as a preservative. Hops have antiseptic properties, which historians believe was a crucial reason for use at the time.


What is the technical name for "Brewer's Yeast"?

Saccharomyces, is a fungi used during fermentation. It is also used breads and wine.


What brewery is the oldest in the world?

It is the oldest and still actively running brewery in the world! It is located in Bavaria, Germany. Since 1923, the brewery has been operated in conjunction with a University in Munich as a production facility and learning center.


What is the amber liquid extracted from malted barley?

Wort is the liquid extracted from the masking process during the brewing of beer or whiskey. It contains sugars that will be fermented by the yeast to produce the actual alcohol.


What must be kept steady to protect the flavor of beer?

Yeast is a living organism, and, like any other creature, yeast perform at their best when in a comfortable environment with an adequate supply of nutrients. The nutrients are supplied in the form of boiled and chilled wort, which will be fermented into finished beer.


Lagers are ideally meant to be drunk at what temperature in Farenheit?

Lagers are fermented at a cooler temperature than ales. They typically can take weeks longer to ferment, as well. Some examples of lagers include Pilsners, Bocks, and Oktoberfests.


What does IPA stand for?

India Pale Ale is very hoppy. The reason it was brewed so strong was to survive the boat ride from Britain to India. This gave the beer its name!


In which country does Pilsner originate?

Pilsner originated in the town of Pilsen, Czech Republic. It is a light yellow-colored pale lager. The Czech Republic is known for a love of beer. It's typically enjoyed with lunch, dinner, or by itself, and it is not uncommon to see it served at breakfast.


The thickness of beer in your mouth can be referred to as what?

Body is the thickness of a beer in your mouth. There are three ways to describe the body of a beer: full, medium or thin. Stouts are heavier than most beers, so they are referred to as a thick-bodied beer, whereas something like a pale ale is thin-bodied.


Beer contains which vitamin?

Beer contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B7! B vitamins are essential to the body. Beer gets a nutrient-rich composition from its ingredients and the fermentation process.


What type of beer is brewed in Germany every September?

Oktoberfest is traditionally brewed in Germany in September. It is quite malty in flavor, with an amber to mahogany color.


What color is a stout?

Sometimes topped with roasted coffee or chocolate flavors, stout has a full-bodied taste and generally a higher alcohol content than most beers.


How long do ales take to ferment?

Ales only need to be brewed for a few days, ass opposed to lagers, which typically take a few weeks. Ales are more complex than lagers and are meant to be consumed at a slightly higher temperature.


What is carbonation?

CO2 is forced into the liquid and breaks down yeast into sugar. This creates the carbonation. Without carbonation, beer tastes more dull and watery. This is why care should be taken when pouring draft beer.


Which of these is NOT one of the top five beer-producing nations?

The number-one beer-producing nation is China, and for good reason. China has 1.35 billion consumers to produce for. The most popular style they produce is rice lager.


What civilization is credited as the first to brew beer?

Beer is one of the oldest beverages mankind has produced. It is the earliest known use of fermentation. The inventions of both bread and beer were crucial to the development of civilization.


In what country is Guiness brewed?

Guinness was introduced in 1759 in Dublin, Ireland. The term "stout" was originally meant to describe the strength of a beer. In modern times the term refers to the dark chocolate color of the beer.


What type of glass should stouts and barley-wines be consumed in?

These sweeter beers should be consumed in a chalice glass, also known as a goblet. The round shape of this glass allows the consumer to easily swirl the beer in order to release their strong aromas.


What is the largest beer festival in the world?

This event began in Munich in 1818. In modern days it is the most famous and celebrated beer festival in the world, with over 6 million visitors each year!


How many different versions of Guinness are there?

Ireland is known for Guinness beer! Oddly enough, a pint of Guinness only has 198 calories. That's less than a pint of orange juice, skim milk, or other similar beers.


What percentage is the worlds strongest beer?

The world's strongest beer is 67.5% alcohol by volume! Careful with that one. This beer is made by a British company that rightfully named it "Snake Venom".


Which country is home to the biggest beer drinkers in the world?

The Czech Republic consumes the most beer per capita, at 143 liters, with a national total of 1.5 billion liters from 2013 to 2014, according to data. Germany is second in line. Seem like a lot? Not after learning that beer is actually the second most popular drink in the world, after tea.


How many gallons of beer make up a keg?

A keg contains 15 and a half gallons! It is equivalent to half a barrel, which contains 31 gallons of beer!


Which colonizers of the US came to shore early because of a beer shortage?

The Pilgrims had originally set out for a warmer climate, but landed at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer on the trip!


The use of hops is dated as early as what year?

400 BC is when the use of hops has been found. It was used as a flavoring by captive Jews in Babylon. Some historians believe the addition of hops was due to antiseptic properties.


What is mead?

Mead is a honey beer, tied to traditions in Babylon 4,000 years ago, when a soon-to-be-married son would be supplied with mead for the whole month following a wedding. The tradition is now known as “honeymoon.”


Which is a major reason Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected?

In 1932, FDR was elected because he promised to end prohibition! A majority of voters seemed to be on board with the decision to end Prohibition, as it was a rough time for American citizens.


How is beer made?

Beer is made with four main ingredients: barley, water, hops, and yeast. Fermentation takes place when bacteria feed on the yeast and then defecate. The bacterial excrement is the alcohol!


Which country has the most individual beer brands?

Belgium has over 400 different brands. Belgium is known for its ales. Beer is also the national drink of the country!


How long did Prohibition last?

Prohibition lasted 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, but who was counting?! It is said that Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected foremost because of his strong stance on ending prohibition.


Who was the first American to brew lager?

John Wagner was the first American to brew Lager. It was in 1840, in a small Philadelphia brewery in the rear of his house on St. John Street. History shows that Wagner was able to start brewing because of his secured supply of German lager yeast.


Which US city is known as “Beervana?”

Portland, Oregon, was given this nickname due to all the microbreweries in the area. "Beervana," also known as "Brewvana," is home to more than 70 breweries! This makes it the beer capital


How many stages of fermentation are in the brewing process?

The fermenting wort is transferred into a second fermenter after the initial vigorous fermentation subsides. Transferring the beer into a clean secondary fermenter for the remainder of the conditioning time allows additional settling to occur. It also allows time for the flavors in the young beer to mature.


What is the name for the foam that forms on top of beer?

Also known in the past as "collar," head is the frothy foam on top of beer which is produced when bubbles of carbon dioxide rise to the surface. Wort protein, yeast, and hop residue produce the foam.


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