25 Fictional Characters We Want to Start Dating Immediately

By: Alex Wittman

Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

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OOF, these days, the dating world is savage. The apps that are supposed to make connecting easier have somehow turned finding love into a never-ending search. Like, can you honestly remember the last time you swiped right on Tinder? Yuh, we can’t either. If you’re like us and tired of bumbling around on Bumble, then you’ve probably fantasized about dating your fave fictional character. No shade here! 

Even if you’ve found “the one,” a romantic night on the town with one of these beloved literary, film or TV characters would be pretty hard to turn down. Something tells us you’re not going to argue about taking out the trash or unloading the dishwasher with Leslie Knope. We bet Iron Man always puts the toilet seat down.

We love our favorite books, shows and movies because of the characters that bring those stories to life. Take a break from all the chaos of adulting in the real world, and imagine yourself paired up with one (or more!) of these fictional characters we want to start dating, like, yesterday. Did your faves make our list? Maybe you’ll start to see one of these iconic characters in a new light. Then, next time you feel lonely, you’ll remember true love is just a trip to the library or a Netflix binge away!

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